Which beach did 153 RAC land on, July 4

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  1. peterjankers

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    My father was with 153 RAC and because of bad weather conditions did not land in Normandy until 4 July. Would anyone have any idea as to which beach 153 landed on?
  2. Swiper

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    Notes are sketchy in 153 RAC War Diary, stating ''disembarked in France' then move to a 'Wood north of Coulombs MR. 894769'
  3. Drew5233

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    Here's the war diary entries for the start of July

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  4. peterjankers

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    Thanks for that Swiper and Drew5233
    Looks like the only way I'll be able to find out is to find someone who was actually there - or perhaps someone whose father was there
  5. Swiper

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    I've already cleaned Bovvy's info out on them. When I'm next down will have another shufti for you. Essex Regt Museum has little to nothing bar an album (of training) when I last enquired.

    If you want to know more generally... get hold of Death of a Regiment by John Foley, its the slightly fictionalised account of 153 RAC in action.
  6. peterjankers

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    Thanks Swiper - have hust ordered a copy
  7. Charles Hooper

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    Sword beach. My great-grandfather Cpl. G. A. Wright was in 153rd (8th Battalion, Essex Regiment) Regiment, R. A. C. He was a Tank Commander and was in the last tank of his column when 153rd R. A. C. were battling their way to Gavrus. I believe he also had the responsibility of training his fellow soldiers. He was a cyclist and belonged to a cycling club where he won a few medals so, was very fit. He died on the 16/07/1944 aged 33.

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