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    Hi all,
    Newbie here so bare with me. History isn't generally my strong point so bare with me on that too!

    I'm going to try and look into my grandads service history. Hopefully I'll be able to get more info from my family but, I know he was a "desert rat" and I think he was in the royal signals. ( If this works)
    He was at Alamein for sure and I remember him telling me a story about helping to make one of montys caravans or similar. He was a cabinet maker from Wolverhampton - John ( Jack) Ernest Lewis. I also remember him talking fondly of Taormina in Italy, guessing he ended up there somehow?

    I am reading one of his old books " together we stand" by James Holland and I notice to my delight before he passed away he has highlighted lots of sentences in the book, that must have resonated with him!

    Any tips would be really appreciated!

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    Welcome to the forum, Ed.
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    This Forum is a great resource in it's own right and then the members are so helpful.

    It would help if you could add your Grandad's full name, Date of Birth and if found his Army Number. Assembling the clues from the book by James Holland would help too. So persevere and add what you know one day. Research can becoem quite addictive.
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    Welcome Ed.
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    Thanks David! I've found a couple of pictures today. From alexandria!? Thanks for your message

    Jack Lewis | WW2Talk
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