What got you interested?

Discussion in 'Historiography' started by Gage, Mar 4, 2006.

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    Never heard of him and so Wiki helped. A Pole writing on WW2 then was - well - different. See: Janusz PiekaƂkiewicz - Wikipedia
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    What got me interested in WW2? The fact my Dad had served in the 8th Army, my uncle in the Navy, and my Mum used to talk about life in Britain during the war - rationing , growing food in your garden etc, and then finding out my Mum's cousin had been a tank driver and had been killed. First book I got about the war was The World at War, first book I bought was Invasion '44 by John Frayn Turner. I still have them both.
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  3. I was born in Berlin, to German parents who came to the USA shortly after.
    When I was a child my father was interested in the Napoleonic Wars and played war games. He needed an opponent :)
    That later expanded to WWII, Post WWII Colonial, etc.
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    Comic books and army men.
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    Well..........she had long blonde hair and skinny legs!

    Her father left me the letters of Lt Bill Beadle.

    So here I am, still trying to figure out why.

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