Western Desert Photograph 1941/42 identification of place

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  1. Uncle Jack

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    We have negatives from 1941/42 taken in Egypt, Libya and Syria/Lebanon can anyone identify where this one was taken?
    The photographer was then Sgt Hird of R Troop 4th Durham Survey Regiment RA.

    It is one of some 200 negatives in a folder covering the period from his arrival in Egypt in December 1940 through to late 1942. During this time he was in Eritrea (1941) then Tobruk (2 June to end of December 1941) then Bardia (January/February 1942) followed by Syria (until June 1942). MITRYS Neg album 026 road down steep cliff side.jpg

    Any suggestions welcomed.


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    That is a photo of the Golan Heights, no idea of the exact location, except that is view downwards looking west and the River Galilee. Odd, distinctive feature are the electricity pylons or transmission towers - they were in use in WW2, in the UK. No immediate confirmation towers were erected in Palestine under the British Mandate.

    There is a photo of such a pylon design on: Vineyard and electrical pylons in galilee. | CanStock and Electrical Power Lines On Pylons Stock Image - Image of infrastructure, line: 161854819
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  3. Uncle Jack

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    Thanks it sits in the folder amongst ones of Tobruk.

    So is this next one also away from Bardia

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  4. Andreas

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  5. Andreas

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    Here you go.

    All the best


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  6. Chris C

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    I can't believe you folks can identify those photos at all. Wow :)
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  7. Andreas

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    Actually, having another look I suspect the picture is from Halfaya Pass, and not from Sollum barracks.

    I suspect the next picture is as well.

    All the best

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  8. Uncle Jack

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    That fits ... Clarrie (Sgt Hird later BQMS) records in his diary for 18 January 1942
    "Went around Sollum and Halfaya Pass. Took a number of snapshots"

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