Wellington MF 116, 14 January 1945, Burbage, Leics

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    We moved to this area a year ago and have passed this in the car regularly but yesterday was the first time we'd walked past. Was not expecting this - it's on a nondescript suburban street, next to a car park for the local shops.
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    Finally got around to following the links kindly provided by Steve/Tullybrone - fascinating stuff. I was amazed that, what seemed like, the whole of pilots service history was on there. It was very moving to read it all.

    The accident report was also interesting. The RAF's not really my area so I hadn't seen one of these before - well worth reading.

    44486_83024005506_1417-00203.jpg 44486_83024005506_1417-00204.jpg 44486_83024005506_1417-00205.jpg 44486_83024005506_1417-00206.jpg
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    I noticed that when I drove past the memorial at the weekend there were at least two poppy wreaths laid, so it's good that someone local is remembering them.

    I omitted to add the crews names as text - for search engines - so here they are;

    Flying Officer Nicholas CHOBANIUK, 25 RCAF
    Sergeant Leslie George GOOD, 20, RAF
    Sergeant John Sidney GUNN, 22, RAF
    Sergeant John William McMURDO, 33, RCAF
    Sergeant Charles Dennis PARKER, 19, RAF
    Sergeant John THOMPSON, 23, RAF

    (Any chance a passing Admin could edit the Thread title - put the wrong date in!)

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