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  1. Dave McIntyre

    Dave McIntyre Pegasusred

    Hi All,

    Was wondering if anyone else was planning on going to the We Have Ways Fest in the UK on Arnhem weekend 2021? If you are and want to meet up for a face-to face airborne chat then PM me please.

    Message ends.

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  2. Gary Tankard

    Gary Tankard Well-Known Member


    Yes, I'm currently planning to be there from Friday. Currently dusting my tent off.

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  3. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    I have been thinking about starting a thread to discuss the whole phenomenon of the podcast and patreon and now the festival, but that does deserve its own thread. I hope the festival is amazing!
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  4. MongoUK

    MongoUK Junior Member

    I'm a member of the afflicted, but unfortunately I'm not in attendance.
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  5. Dave McIntyre

    Dave McIntyre Pegasusred

    see you there mate
  6. Dave McIntyre

    Dave McIntyre Pegasusred

    Hi Chris,
    That's a great potential thread that could feed across the entire WW2 Talk forum - in my opinion the more avenues for people to engage with the history of the Second World War the better. Are there other threads already on this forum that have recommended specific websites, Youtubers etc that go into depth on similar subjects that are posted here - I have seen plenty of links posted before but is there an equivalent of an internet bibliography of WW2 military matters posted here amongst our fellow WW2 nuts ??

  7. Dave McIntyre

    Dave McIntyre Pegasusred

    Mr MongoUK,
    We shall raise a pint to you at an appropriate moment in appreciation of your affliction and the empty seat at the dinner table.
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  8. Takrouna

    Takrouna Member

    Who's going to the We Have Ways Festival in September? I'm happy to meet up over a beer with anyone else who has an unhealthy obsession with North Africa 1942-43!
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  9. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target Mist over Dartmoor

    Just looked at the prices. Do they do free entry for Pensioners?
    If not, No.

    We Have Ways Fest | 2023

    Too much like Glastonbury or Donnington.
    Coudn't stand up for long and no doubt too much walking for me.
    Alcohol Free for me nowadays. Would need to buy Billy Connolly Incontinence Pants.

    James Holland might be interesting to chat to, having met Michel Wood talking about Anglo Saxon Mercia in 2016.

    Good luck to those who go, take some good picks.
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  10. Rob Crane

    Rob Crane Active Member

    I've splashed out for a Saturday ticket. I wish it was somewhere more accessible, but I guess if too close to civilisation the locals might complain about the gunfire.
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  11. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron


    Did anyone go to the second festival which just occurred? It sounds like it was an incredible time and I am thinking that - assuming there is a #3 - I will have to arrange a vacation in Europe which coincides!

    I helped out one presenter (Jack Bowsher) who was talking about tanks in Burma, by sending him some of the Southeast Asia Command AFV tech reports.

    Some of the talks are starting to trickle into the We Have Ways podcast and I am listening to the chat with Dermot O'Leary and James May called "The Afflicted", i.e. "how did you become obsessed with WW2". Do we have a thread about that somewhere in the Lounge Bar?
  12. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

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  13. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian Patron

    Thanks dbf :)
  14. davidbfpo

    davidbfpo Patron Patron

    Dr. Robert Lyman was gushing in his praise for the event as an invited speaker. See: The 'We Have Ways' phenomenon

    Perhaps Takrouna and Rob Crane can add far more, they actually went!
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  15. Trackfrower

    Trackfrower Member

    I was there Saturday.
    Refreshingly British with the high entrance fee keeping away " the unwashed".
    Lots of familiar faces and expensive food.
    I watched the James May and Dermot O'Leary show and found a familiar story.
    Not sure about next year due to the Market Garden Liberation Tour.
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  16. Gary Tankard

    Gary Tankard Well-Known Member

    I was there all weekend. There were some very good talks but a couple of weak ones (in my humble opinion). Al Murray did some heavy lifting on the hosting/entertainment front.

    The weather was sunny for the third year running - I'm not entirely sure how it would work if it was raining. I assume they'd have 'contingency tents' for people to shelter in for food and drinks.

    For next year, I'd have to see what the cost is...if the % increase is the same as previous years it'd be 50/50 if I'd attend in 2024. It'd also depend on the speakers.
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