Was God in Auschwitz? BBCR4

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by soren1941, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. soren1941

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  2. Owen

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  3. soren1941

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  4. Owen

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    OK will have a listen now, cheers.
    Since watching that Anne Frank program I'm getting more interested in the Holocaust.
  5. von Poop

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    Heard the 'Beyond Belief' the other day & it was fascinating. One of those occasions when Radio 4 lets the intellectuals loose to really get their teeth into something that they obviously think about a lot, without any of the glamour or vapidity one so often finds attached to 'serious' debate.
    I'm completely non-religious (irreligious even!) but that channel has a knack for some excellent theologically based programmes, 'Beyond Belief' is nearly always worth a listen.
  6. Owen

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    Sorry chaps that's too deep for my poor brain to handle.
    I' ve got a headache trying to understand what they're waffling on about.
  7. soren1941

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    Owen try the midweek one, once you are past the Brian Blessed bit there's a really interesting account of the Holocaust
  8. James S

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    Thought provoking , the theology I am not up to speed on but interesting nonetheless.
  9. geoff501

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  10. Elven6

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    I haven't finished listening to this but so far from what I have heard up to this is nothing new, people have been "blaming god" since the black death. If they really need a answer perhaps god stepped in when the camps were liberated???

    All sides (Not sure about Japan though) claimed god was on their side, to this day during conflicts both sides still claim that. Infact I believe the Germans even had a engraving about god on their belt buckles as well.

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