Wartime WAAF Radar Operator Connie Bickford

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    Episode 151 of the Wings Over New Zealand Show features an interview with 97-year-old WWII WAAF Connie Bickford, of Pukekohe, New Zealand. Connie was born in London and served in England with the Royal Air Force's Woman's Auxiliary Air Force. She trained as a plotter and as a radar operator. The latter was a very select and specialist role. Connie and her team were part of the Chain Home network defending the south coast of Britain. She talks about the work and the lifestyle of the WAAF, the dangers of war, working with radar, bending the rules, and her husband, who was a Spitfire pilot. A really fascinating and entertaining episode. You can listen (streaming) or download the episode here:

    Episode 151 – Connie Bickford « The Wings Over New Zealand Show

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