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  1. Gerard

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    I will be going to Berlin at the End of April (To coincide with the Battle) and intend visiting Zhukov's Headquarters at Seelow, The Mueseum in the old High Command Building in Stauffenberg Strasse and the old OKW OKH Headquarters in Zossen too.
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    Cool. Send us a postcard and a stick of rock.
  3. Noel Burgess

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    Just spent 1 week Holiday in Dorset: -
    Tank Museum - Would like to visit again when the new Buildings are finished (but it's 350 Miles from home!). Found the exhibits a little "overcrowded" at present.
    Fleet Air Arm Museum - Excellent - especially the "Carrier Simulation"
  4. chubby60

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    has anyone been to the Royal Signals museum in Dorset
  5. Drew5233

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    has anyone been to the Royal Signals museum in Dorset

    Everytime I was there on a course :)

    Have you been?
  6. Harry Ree

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    Anyone getting down to Blois on the Loire will find the Musee de la Resistance de la Deportation a very interesting museum to visit.It covers the Loiret-et Cher Department and gives a good insight to the support given by the RAF No 138 and 161 Squadrons to the French resistance and SOE in the Sologne.

    It is situated on the north bank of the Loire (Place de la Greve) very close to the Chateau and the Church St Nicolas and the wartime hospital.The hospital was where Yvonne Rudellat (Jacqueline) of the Prosper sub circuit, Physician was taken to after being severely wounded in the Sologne as the Prosper circuit collapsed in June 1943.

    The area has the added attraction of a number of chateaux worth visiting and the one that spans the Cher, Chateau Chenonceaux, is of wartime historical interest in that the Cher marked the boundary between Vichy France and the Occupied Zone.It was said that the chateau was used as a passage to cross between zones without detection.No doubt once the secret was uncovered,the likelihood of crossing, undetected was slim.
  7. STAN50

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    The Overloon museum in Holland is definitely worth taking time to see. It is now quite large and if you wanted to see everything you would need at least four hours if not longer. The photos below I took quite some time ago with actual film thus the quality isn't that good.

    The actual battles around that area were pretty horrendous and went on for some time, going backwards and forwards. So reading back through this thread and noting that 'Sapper' said: 'It finished me' unquote, you realise how battle areas such as this one leave there mark on those who were there.





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    The Dover Express runs a preview of the new exhibition at Dover Castle based in the secret war time tunnels at the site. The exhibition recreates the drama of the ten day Second World War mission Operation Dynamo, where 338,000 Allied troops were rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk. The exhibition opens to the public in June.
    Dover Express, 12 May, p2'

  9. Paul.

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    Overloon is a great museum, although as mentioned these pictures are quite old. All vehicles are inside a new hall in the museum now. It is well worth a visit, Netherlands top three museum.
    Have you evere visited the website: WW2Museums.com
    This website has a huge database of WW2 museums world wide complete with rating and visitors recations.
  10. Ron Goldstein

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  11. Alanst500

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    Visited this Museum, very interesting and it started me on my present research into my Dads past, hope you like the pic's








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