War Diary - 90 Coy RASC - August 1944

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    Source: WO171/2377

    1 August 1944
    Nothing to report.

    2 August 1944
    Lt R.L. TOULMIN (165577) reported from 7 Sub Unit 34 RHU to fill officer vacancy in this Coy (“B” Pl).
    Rations delivered to ¾ COUNTY OF LONDON YEOMANRY, Residue, temporarily under admin comd of Bde.

    3 August 1944
    Since 29 Jul this Coy’s only transport commitments have been in respect of daily delivery of Supplies and small deliveries of POL to Bde residues, consisting of Bde HQ (incl Sigs Sqn), 1 ERY and 266 Fwd Dely Sqn.
    Coy largely engaged on maintenance, vehicle overhaul and training.

    4 August 1944
    Remainder of “A” Pl joined existing 2 Sections detached at RUCQUEVILLE on instructions of CRASC 22 Tpt Coln.

    5 – 9 August 1944
    Nothing to report.

    10 August 1944
    On orders from CRASC 22 Tpt Coln “A” & “B” Pls under comd of CAPT D.M. ROBERTSON moved at 1200 hrs to an advanced location in 53 Div Area at AVENAY (Nr EVRECY) 944582. With effect [sic] their arrival, these Pls came under the temporary operation comd of CRASC 53 Div for the purpose of troop carrying for a Bde of tht Div during impending operations.
    One Section of 6 tonners from “D” Pl moved into detachment location at RUCQUEVILLE 876773 vacated by “A” Pl.

    11 August 1944
    Main Location (Coy HQ, W/S, “C” and “D” Pls). 6 x 3 ton Austin 4 x 2 received in replacement of outstanding vehicle casualties. Deficiencies now NIL.
    “D” Pl. 20 x 5 ton vehicles utilised during afternoon to transport 1 ERY to 33 Armd Bde Area BEUVILLE (0574).
    53 Div Detachment (Both Pls at disposal of 71 Bde):-
    “A” Pl. Engaged on troop carrying detail from 0600 hrs. ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS carried from M.R. 938585 to LES TROIS MARIES M.R. 875460, Area THURY-HARCOURT. 30 x 3-ton vehicles involved. At debussing point the vehicles were subjected to enemy shelling and mortar fire. Casualties: 1 OR wounded and evacuated. 2 vehicles temporarily VOR. 1 vehicle damaged in collision and evacuated to Coy Wksps.
    “B” Pl. 25 vehicles engaged on Amn detail for 53 Div. At 2130 hrs 29 vehicles engaged on troop carrying. Detachment of 1 OXS & BUCKS transported from M.R. 578568 to M.R. 949519. Detail completed next day.

    12 August 1944
    Main Location (HQ, W/S, “C” and “D” Pls. Nothing to report.
    53 Div Detachment (still at disposal of 71 Bde):-
    “A” Pl. Carried out troop carrying detail – 4 Bn WELSH Regt from 1530 hrs to 1940 hrs, Area VOCOGNES 905567 and on to M.R. 946513.
    “B” Pl. Vehicles on troop carrying detail with 1 OX & BUCKS returned to locn at 1200 hrs.

    13 August 1944
    Main Coy Location (HQ, W/S, “C” & “D” Pls. Disbandment of 27 Armd Bde now practically complete. Last delivery of rations made today to 1 ERY, who have now joined 33 Armd Bde.
    All remaining commitments and loads for 27 Armd Bde now disposed of, with exception of 2 vehicles daily for delivery of rations to Bde HQ, 266 Fwd Dely Sqn and 90 Coy RASC, and 1 vehicle daily for Ord Stores to OFP at SULLY (7682).
    53 Div Detachment (“A” & “B” Pls):-
    “A” Pl. Embussed 2 Bn MONMOUTHSHIRES at 0900 hrs at M.R. 004524 (1 mile S of BOULON). Move cancelled temporarily and all troops debussed.
    “B” Pl. Embussed 4 WELSH at 0800 hrs at VACOGNES and debussed at LES MOUTONS EN CINGLAIS M.R. 986517 at 1200 hrs. Vehicles remained with Bn at this Harbour Area overnight.

    14 August 1944
    Main Coy Location. 8 x 3-ton vehicles provided to transport personnel of 27 Armd Bde HQ Sqn to 8 Armd Bde at AUNAY-SUR-ODON.
    53 Div Detachment (“A” & “B” Pls):-
    “A” Pl. Re-embussed 2 MONMOUTHSHIRES at 0200 hrs and debussed at 0330 hrs at M.R. 926463. Vehicles harboured up in new location at FONTAINE-HALBOUT M.R. 017463 and joined by balance of Pl from previous location at AVENAY. Slight enemy shelling in area.
    “B” Pl. Re-embussed 4 WELSH at 1030 hrs and after harbouring at TREPREL M.R. 034367 eventually debussed troops at M.R. 005469 at 1600 hrs.

    15 August 1944
    Main Coy Location (HQ, W/S, “C” & “D” Pls. Received orders to move to area DAMIGNY (816762) and came under comd CRASC 30 Corps Troops. Move completed 2100 hrs.
    53 Detachment (“A” & “B” Pls:-
    “A” Pl. Released by 160 Bde and at disposal of 158 Bde.
    From 0900 hrs to 1530 hrs moved 1 E LANCS from M.R. 005470 to M.R. 033415.
    From 1600 to 1800 hrs moved 1/5 WELSH from M.R. 008485 to M.R. 039410.
    At 2000 hrs reported to ACQUEVILLE to move 1 HLI, but troop move cancelled & vehs returned.
    “B” Pl. Re-embussed 4 WELSH at 0400 hrs and debussed at X rds M.R. 016407.
    Vehicles released and returned to harbour area at M.R. 005469 at 0930 hrs.
    Note: 160 Bde O.O. No. 3 relating to this operation, attached.
    Platoon now at disposal of 158 Bde and required for move of 7 ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS. Platoon reported to M.R. 034414 and harboured up awaiting orders.

    16 August 1944
    Main Coy Location (HQ, W/S, “C” & “D” Pls. Orders received from CRASC 30 Corps Troops to move Coy HQ, W/S, “C” & “D” Pls to new location to be detailed by CRASC 50 Div.
    Coy moved to COULVAIN 765548 (near VILLERS BOCAGE). Move completed 2000 hrs.
    Coy (less “A” & “B” Pls, still detached to CRASC 53 Div) now under comd CRASC 50 Div.
    53 Div Detachment (“A” & “B” Pls):-
    “A” Pl. Detailed to move 4 Bn ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS. Vehicles reported to harbour area M.R. 029397. Vehicles returned to ACQUEVILLE at 1430 hrs. Platoon kept at 30 mins notice from 2100 hrs onwards to move Bn “O” Group.
    “B” Pl. Pl at 30 mins notice from 1st light. 4 [?] RWF embussed at 1700 hrs and deliver at M.R. 093374. Pl held at this location pending further instructions. During the night considerable fighting in near vicinity of this location. Defences manned throughout night.
    Note: 53 Div Op Instr No. 13, relating to these operations, attached.

    17 August 1944
    Main Coy Location (HQ, W/S, “C” & “D” Pls. 0030 hrs message received tht “A” & “B” Pls should return to main Coy location within next few hours, Pls did not in fact return.
    On orders received from CRASC 50 Div “D” Pl (5 tonners) with Capt. D.K. GRAY in command reported to CRASC 30 Corps Troops at 1200 hrs. Pl location set up at Coy’s previous location DAMIGNY (816762). 30 x 5 ton loads pet collected from 21 Pet Depot at 1700 hrs and ordered to deliver to 153 FMC. Detail completed 1900 hrs.
    On orders received from CRASC 50 Div “C” Pl (4 x 4 3 tonners) detached to bns of 69 Bde as under at 1600 hrs:-
    20 x 3 ton Capt. K. FORMAN i/c to 6 GREEN HOWARDS & 2 E YORKS, 838404.
    19 x 3 ton Lt G.L. NEIHGBOUR i/c to 7 GREEN HOWARDS, 838404.
    53 Div Detachment:-
    “A” Pl. Vehicles moved at 1300 hrs to new harbour area NORON L’ABBAYE M.R. 123361 near 4 RWF.
    1600 hrs Pl ordered to stand by. Area under constant shell & mortar fire. At 2015 hrs CANADIAN ESSEX SCOTTISH Bn took over this location and ordered “A” Pl vehicles to vacate area before dusk as they obstructed their fire plan. At 2115 hrs all vehicles moved back to original Pl harbour area BOIS HALBOUT 926463, arriving 2300 hrs.
    “B” Pl. Slight machine gunning from enemy plane at 1115 hrs. No casualties. On instructions of CRASC 53 Div Pl moved to M.R. 020437 at 1400 hrs. 30 vehicles detailed to proceed at 1600 hrs to FMC at 938632, loaded amn and delivered to AP at 020439 at 2100 hrs. Detail repeated commencing 2230 hrs and completed 0700 hrs 18 Aug.

    18 August 1944
    Main Coy Location (HQ, W/S & “C” Pls) – attached 50 Div:-
    Coy HQ & W/S. Moved from COULVAIN to TREMBLAY M.R. 858475, arriving 2130 hrs. HQ & W/S temporarily attd for movement purposes to 524 Coy RASC (50 Div).
    “C” Pl. Vehicles split up for various duties in bns concerned. Moved with bns to area S of ATHIS 9127, arriving 1300 hrs.
    30 Corps Detachment (“D” Pl). Vehicles returned from Pet detail at 0600 hrs. Further Pl load collected from 152 FMC (S of BAYEUX) at 1200 hrs and delivered to 154 FMC, returning to location DAMIGNY 1700 hrs. Further load Pet collected at 152 FMC and Pl moved, loaded, to new location at Mt PICON 807486.
    53 Div Detachment:-
    “A” Pl. 29 vehicles engaged on amn lift 25 pdr. Collected from FMC EVRECY and delivered to AP NORON L’ABBAYE for 502 Coy RASC. Detail completed 2230 hrs.
    “B” Pl. Vehicles return, loaded with amn at 0700 hrs. 14 vehicles delivered amn to AP 020439 during morning, then proceeded back to FMC 938623 for further load, also delivered to same AP. Remaining 16 vehicles, loaded 25 pdr, delivered loads direct to RA Regts gun positions in Area ST. GERAIN-LOMONT [??], returning at 2100 hrs. At 2200 hrs, further loads 25 pdr taken to gun positions, vehs returning at 0400 hrs. Considerable enemy air activity during the night.

    19 August 1944
    Main Coy (HQ & W/S Pls). Moved to new location at ST. HONORINE-LA-CHARDONTE (M.R. 924297) near CONDE-SUR-NOIREAU, arriving 2030 hrs (distance 12 miles). Coy located adjacent to 524 Coy RASC (50 Div RASC) with whom all moves are at present being made.
    53 Detachment. “A” and “B” Pls released by CRASC 53 Div at 0600 hrs. Pls moved to harbour area near AUNAY-SUR-ODON (837500), arriving 0830 and 1130 respectively. On orders of CRASC 50 Div these Pls moved at 2000 hrs to area just vacated by Coy HQ at TREMBLAY. “A” & “B” Pls cease to be under comd CRASC 53 Div, and now rejoin main Coy under comd CRASC 50 Div.
    “C” Pl (69 Bde). Moved with bns at 1000 hrs to LA CARNEILLE 944246.
    “D” Pl (detached to CRASC 30 Corps Tps). Loads of Pet collected previous evening delivered to 154 FMC M.R. 944246 near ATHIS. Detail commenced 2130 hrs.

    20 August 1944
    Main Coy Location (HQ, W/S, “A” & “B” Pls. “A” and “B” Pls moved complete to rejoin Coy at 0800 hrs at area ST. HONORINE-LA-CHARDONTE. Orders received from CRASC 50 Div for these Pls to report to bns of 151 Bde this afternoon on attachment for tp carrying duties.
    Bn guides reported at 1645 hrs and vehicles led to join bns as under:-
    23 x 3 ton (“A” Pl) 6 DLI Lt J.T. HARDWICKE i/c
    11 x 3 ton (“A” Pl) )
    11 x 3 ton (“B” Pl) ) 9 DLI Capt D.M. ROBERTSON i/c
    23 x 3 ton (“B” Pl) 8 DLI Lt. R.L. TOULIMIN i/c
    These vehicles replace 2 Pls of 432 Coy RASC which are to be withdrawn and returned to their Coy location.
    Lt. G.R. GLENNY rejoined Coy from 34 RHU and takes over command of HQ Pl from Lt. S.R.J. CLARK evacuated to 3 FDS today owing to injury to ankle received in motorcycle accident on 19 Aug.
    “C” Pl (69 Bde). Moved with bns at 2100 hrs to MONTGAROULT M.R. 165220, arriving 2359 hrs.
    “D” Pl (detached CRASC 30 Corps Tps). Previous day’s detail completed and vehicles returned empty to location at 0700 hrs. 29 loads amn collected ex 152 FMC (S of BAYEUX) and delivered to ST. MARC D’OUILLY (W of FALAISE) M.R. 7765. Detail commenced 0900 hrs.

    21 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. 2 Pls of 432 Coy, relieved from troop carrying details with 151 Bde by “A” & “B” Pls, reported back to this location by 1000 hrs this morning and despatched on order of CRASC 50 Div to report to CRASC 46 Tpt Coln.
    Coy HQ & W/S moved (attached to 524 Coy) to area ST. HONORINE-LA-GUILLAUME M.R. 000217 arriving 2100 hrs (distance 12 miles).
    12 Dvr rfts collected from 34 RHU BAYEUX and temporarily held with “D” Pl.
    “A” & “B” Pls (att 151 Bde). Vehs arrived at Bn A Ech lines by 0630 hrs. At 1000 hrs moved bns to new area 3122 ARGENTAN arriving 1530 hrs.
    “C” Pl (att 69 Bde). Nothing to report.
    During last night’s move, owing to extreme darkness and heavy rain, Pl Water Truck went over embankment near PUTANGES. No personnel casualties. Truck recovered today by Coy W/S and evacuated as beyond local repair.
    “D” Pl (detached to CRASC 30 Corps Tps). Vehs engaged on detail commenced yesterday. Detail completed and vehs returned to new location near HOTTOT M.R. 7865 at 1700 hrs.

    22 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Moved (with 524 Coy) to area ARGENTAN M.R. 238192. Move commenced 2000 hrs completed 2230 hrs (Distance 16 miles).
    “A” & “B” Pls. Orders received to move at 0700 hrs to 154 FMC ATHIS M.R. 9625, arriving 1600 hrs. Harboured up pending instructions from CRASC 30 Corps Tps. Vehicles re-formed back into 2 Pls. During day 5 German prisoners captured by personnel of “A” Pl.
    “C” Pl (attached 69 Bde). Moved with bns at 0900 hrs to area E of GACE M.R. 5848 arriving 1700 hrs. Moved again at 2100 hrs to area E of ST. EVROULT M.R. 6947 arriving 2200 hrs.
    “D” Pl (att CRASC 30 Corps Tps). 28 x 5 ton to transport load amn from 152 FMC (S of BAYEUX) M.R. 9424 to ST. MARC D’OUILLY (W of FALAISE) M.R. 0334 Army Rd Hd Cushion. Commenced 0700 hrs completed 2000 hrs.

    23 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Moved (with 524 Coy) to area LA TRINITE-DES-LAITIERS M.R. 615483. Move commenced 1200 hrs, completed 2030 hours (distance 25 miles).
    “A” & “B” Pls. Detailed to report to 214 Bde (43 Div) for troop carrying duties. Vehs joined bns & coys at 0630 hrs. Tps carried from area ATHIS M.R. 9625 to area E of EXMES 5145 (movement Table – 214 Bde attached). Vehs returned empty to 154 FMC, arriving 2230 hrs.
    “C” Pl (att 69 Bde). Vehs moved bns to area RUGLES MR 8548, arriving at 0600 hrs.
    “D” Pl. 25 x 5 ton carried out same detail as previous day. Detail commenced 0630 hrs, completed 1900 hrs, vehs returning to new pl location near FLERS M.R. 942246.

    24 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Moved (with 524 Coy) to area LAILGLE MR 806425 [?]. Move commenced 0645 hrs completed 1030 hrs (distance 15 miles).
    “A” & “B” Pls. On orders of CRASC 30 Corps Tps all lorries loaded with rations and petrol at 1400 hrs and delivered to 155 FMC GACE MR 5248. Detail completed by 0540 hrs 25 Aug.
    “C” Pl (att 69 Bde). Nothing to report.
    “D” Pl. Pl moved at 0600 hrs to near FALAISE MR [??]. Collected compo packs from 54 BSD [?] and proceed to 155 FMC GACE.

    25 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. No move today. W/S able to carry out some urgent repairs for Pls. Running repairs are carried out by teams of 4 – 6 Artificers with 15-cwt truck who are att permanently to, and travel with, their respective pls.
    “A” & “B” Pls. Pls proceeded back to Rd Hd FALAISE, collected loads of rations and petrol arriving 1100 hrs...to deliver loads to 50 Div (522 Coy) at [??]...
    Convoy held up for 4 hrs at GACE owing to priority move of 43 Div. Convoy had only reached ST. EVROULT at 2300 hrs.
    “C” Pl. No move. Nothing to report.
    “D” Pl. Loads of compo packs delivered to 155 FMC GACE during night. Vehs returned to new pl location nr FALAISE MR 144342.
    On instructions CRASC 30 Corps Tps 28 x 5 ton proceeded at 1800 hrs to 154 FMC MR 9424 to collect compo packs.

    26 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Orders received to move (with 524 Coy) to area PACY-SUR-EURE. Move commenced 0800 hrs. Owing to road congestion and priority of other fmns’ convoys all 50 Div CRASC vehs (incl this Coy) ordered off road and harboured at area RUGLES MR 905525 at 1930 hrs. Distance travelled 7 miles. Time taken 11½ hrs.
    “A” & “B” Pls. At 0100 hrs the whole of “A” Pl and 7 vehs of “B” Pl reached location of 522 Coy RASC at CHANDAI MR 8740 (E of LAIGLE) and offloaded all loads of petrol and compo packs. Formed into 2 groups of 19 3 toners and guided immediately to 6 DLI and 9 DLI (area BOURTH MR 9142) (151 Bde) for troop carrying detail to commence at 0500 hrs.
    Bns moved to area CHAIGNERS [?] Mr 4065 (E of PACY-SUR-EURE) distance 50 miles. Detail completed 0900 hrs. Second night in succession drivers have been without sleep and no food for nearly 24 hrs. Vehs brought back to area MISEREY], E of EVREUX, and harboured up in wood MR 268635, near proposed new Coy HQ location. At 1800 hrs 34 of these vehs (28 of “A” Pl and 6 of “B” Pl) under comd Lt. J.T. HARDWICKE proceeded, on orders of CRASC 50 Div, to report back to 155 FMC CRASC 30 Corps Tps GACE (5548) to pick up 3rd line loads, harbouring up for the night en route.
    Remaining vehs of “B” pl on previous day’s detail, under comd Lt. R.L. TOULMIN, failed to arrive at 522 Coy CHANDAI until 0500 hrs today, too late to take part in tp carrying detail of 8 DLI (151 Bde) which was performed by 522 Coy in lieu. Loads of compo were offloaded at 522 Coy location and vehs (24 x 3 ton) remained in that area and carried out collection of POL from 155 FMC for 552 Armd Bde Coy RASC.
    “C” Pl. Transported bns from location E of RUGLES to area 4565 (3 ton ??).
    Having completed offloading tps at 2000 hrs Pl reported back to proposed Coy location nr [???]. On instructions of CRASC, Pl reported back to 155 FMC GACE (5248) to pick up 3rd line loads. Detail commenced at 2300 hrs.
    “D” Pl. Loads of compo collected yesterday evening delivered to 155 FMC GACE 5248. Vehs returned to new Pl location CROISILLES MR 5046 arriving 1300 hrs.
    On instructions CRASC 30 Corps Tps 28 x 5 ton proceeded at 2300 hrs to collect Derv from Army Cushion Rd Hd FALAISE.

    27 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Moved from harbour area RUGLES at 1530 hrs and arrived new location MISEREY MR 290668 W of PACY-SUR-EURE at 2000 hrs. Distance 38 miles.
    “A” & “B” Pls. Detail under Lt. J.T. HARDWICKE (34 vehs of “A” & “B” Pls) reported to 30 Corps CRASC at GACE (5348) at 1000 hrs and detailed to proceed back to Army Rd Hd FALAISE, pick up petrol and back load to 155 FMC GACE. Detail completed 2200 hrs. Vehs then ordered to report to 30 Corps CRASC at RUGLES MR 9052 for instructions.
    Balance of “B” Pl (24 x 3 ton) picked up rfts at 155 FMC GACE in evening for tpt forward to area PACY-SUR-EURE. Detail commenced 2000 hrs completed 0330 hrs 28 Aug.
    “C” Pl. Vehs arrived CRASC 30 Corps Tps GACE at 0700 hrs and detailed to proceed back to Army Cushion Rd Hd FALAISE at 1500 hrs to pick up amn. Loading completed at 2300 hrs. Harboured overnight at Rd Hd.
    “D” Pl. Loads Derv delivered to 155 FMC GACE and vehs returned to location 1000 hrs. Drivers have had no sleep for 48 hrs. Rested during day.

    28 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Nothing to report.
    “A” & “B” Pls. “B” pl vehs (24) under comd Lt R.L. TOULMIN completed delivery of rfts to 522 Coy CAILLOURT MR 3066 and reported back to main coy location MISEREY (W of EVREUX) MR 2866 at 0800 hrs.
    Lt G.R. GLENNY resumes comd of “B” Pl and Lt R.L. TOULMIN takes over comd of HQ PL.
    Detail under Lt J.T. HARDWICKE picked up amn at area RUGLES and transported forward, under orders CRASC 30 Corps Tps, to 156 FMC area N of PACY-SUR-EURE MR 3572.
    Detail commences 1300 hrs and completed, vehs reporting back to Coy location MISERY, at 1900 hrs.
    On instructions of CRASC 50 Div the whole of “A” and “B” Pls (both now complete) ordered back to roadhead RUGLES to pick up further 3rd line loads for transport to 156 FMC HOULBEC MR 3572. Arrived RUGLES 2359 hrs and harboured up for night.
    “C” Pl. Left FALAISE with amn loads at 0900 hrs, arrived at RUGLES 1500 hrs. Detailed to proceed forward to 156 FMC HOULBEC with this amn plus 420 rfts collected at 205 Corps CRC, arriving 156 FMC HOULBEC at 2100. Amn dumped. Rfts delivered to 522 Coy (50Div).
    “D” Pl. Pl location moved to RUGLES MR 8847. 28 x 5 ton detailed to collect petrol from Army Rd Hd RUGLES. Loaded 2000 hrs. Harboured overnight.

    29 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Nothing to report.
    “A” & “B” Pls. Both Pls ordered back from Rd Hd RUGLES, without having picked up any loads, to Coy location at MISEREY 2966, arriving 1030 hrs. On instructions of CRASC 50 Div both Pls reported back at 1630 hrs to 151 Bde (50 Div) to assume tp carrying duties as before. Pls split into 3 groups of 20 x 3 ton and attached to 6, 8 & 9 DLI respectively. Great difficulty and delay experienced in moving these 2-wheel drive vehs out of Coy location owing to continuous rain and softness of ground.
    Bns loaded and move commenced during evening. Crossed R SEINE at VERNON and harboured up 2 miles further N at 0200 hrs 30 Aug.
    “C” Pl. Last night’s detail completed at 0300 hrs. Harboured up awaiting instructions. On instructions of CRASC 50 Div Pl reported direct at 1300 hrs to 6 GREEN HOWARDS and 5 E YORKS (69 Bde) to assume tp carrying duties again. Moved with bns at 2300 hrs. Crossed R SEINE at VERNON pontoon bridges. Arrived new location MR 4672 (E of VERNON) 0400 hrs 30 Aug.
    “D” Pl. 10 vehs loaded petrol delivered loads at 0630 hrs to 156 FMC HOULBEC MR 3572, then picked up fresh loads from Rd Hd RUGLES. Returned to location 1400 hrs. Remaining 18 loads collected by 506 Div Tps Coy RASC in location. 18 vehs then proceeded at 1430 hrs to AUNAY-SUR-ODON and collected Ord Stores.

    30 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Moved to FOURS MR 534832 near BOOS. Distance 12 miles. Move commenced 1730 hrs; not completed till 0100 hrs owing to delay in crossing R SEINE bridge at VERNON.
    “A” & “B” Pls. All 3 bns moving forward N of R SEINE throughout day and vehs parked up for night with respective coys in general area MARTAGNY MR 5906. Slight shell fire encountered during day from enemy pockets of resistance.
    “C” Pl. Moved with bns 1500 hrs arriving new location MORTAGNY-EN-VEXIN MR 6783 at 1900 hrs.
    “D” Pl. 10 vehs loaded Pet delivered loads to 156 FMC HOULBEC. Returned to location 1600 hrs. 18 vehs loaded Ord Stores proceeded at 1900 hrs to 156 FMC HOULBEC.

    31 August 1944
    Coy HQ & W/S. Nothing to report.
    “A” & “B” Pls. All bns moving throughout day through area SONGEONS (MR 7625) – Move of 50/60 miles. Great reception everywhere from local population. Arrived evening AMIENS MR 0854. Leading tp carrying vehs crossed R SOMME this evening near PONT-DE-METZ.
    “C” Pl. Moved with bns at 0930 hrs to near area MR 8200 (E of LA HOUSSOYE).
    “D” Pl. 18 vehs delivered loads Ord Stores to 156 FMC, returned to location 1300 hrs. 28 vehs detailed 1700 hrs collect petrol from Army Rd Hd RUGLES & proceed to 156 FMC HOULBEC.
    Coy now operating as follows:-
    Coy (less “D” Pl – 5 tonners) under comd 50 (N) Div.
    “A” & “B” Pls att bns (6, 8 & 9DLI) of 151 Bde for tp carrying.
    “C” Pl att bns (6 GREEN HOWARDS & 5 E YORKS) of 69 Bde for tp carrying.
    Coy HQ & W/S moving as part of Rear Div Gp of 50 Div HQ.
    (W/S Fitters Teams (each approx 5 Fitters) att permanently on 15 cwts with A, B, C & D Pls).
    “D” Pl. (5 tonners) under comd of CRASC 30 Corps Tps and engaged on 3rd Line tpt of amn, pet and Sups from Roadhead etc to forward FMCs.
    All Comp Pl personnel distributed equally over the 4 tpt pls, as not required for comp duties.
    Veh Deficiencies – NIL (except 1 x 3 ton Slave Battery and 1 x 6 ton Breakdown Tractor never issued at time of conversion of 1 Pl 5 toners).
    Personnel Deficiencies – 31 ORs.
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  2. Gary Kennedy

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    Thanks for posting that Tom, it's interesting to see some more detailed indications of the number of 3-tonnners actually allocated for movement of Inf Bns. The 'book' answer was 30 for the marching personnel (approx. 500 depending on how you count them from the WEs) but the examples show some differences, particularly of 20th Aug, when it looks like they were using their 10% relief (and possibly the the Pl admin vehicle as well).

  3. Tom OBrien

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    Does it matter that this was an Armoured Brigade Company RASC? D Platoon were equipped with 6 ton trucks, and the 3 ton lorries of the other platoons would not have been TCVs.


  4. Steve Mac

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    Hello Tom,

    I've never read RASC War Wiaries before, but was pleasantly surprised to find these interesting - possibly because they refer to 50 Div on a lot of occasions.

    Thanks for posting...

    One point, there is either a typo or an error in the War Diairy on 17 August 1944, in the sentence starting: "20 X 3 ton Capt. K. Forman..." This refers to '2 E YORKS' of 69 Bde. The 2nd Bn East Yorkshire Regiment were never part of 69th Infantry Brigade, 50 Div, during WWII. However, the 5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment were.


  5. Gary Kennedy

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    It could make a difference, question is how much in terms of getting 'bums on seats'.

    I had a look on the net earlier (before being diverted by a plumbing emergency) and found an old thread on AHF that oddly we've both contributed to, and looked back at some old info I have.

    I suppose the gormless question is, was the 3-ton GS lorry fitted with some form of bench seating even when it was being used by the RASC for movement of supplies rather than personnel? That is, if a standard 3-tonner Pl was attached to an Inf Bn, could the lorries already provide some basic seating to accommodate passengers without some modification? I found an oblique reference in a 1941 WE that suggests it took more 3-tonners to carry an Inf Bn in standard vehicles than in TCVs, but I suspect the answer is as always a bit more involved.

    The question of how many personnel could be fitted into a TCV and how many were required to lift an Inf Bn has always vexed me somewhat, but is a different thread probably!

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    Hallo, I have found an old Page of a newspaper about the 90th Coy RASC: Perhaps ist from interest. If anyone can help, Im looking for anything about 22 Transport Coy RASC. in Germany 1947 best regards Heinz Johannsen germany

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