War Diary-866 ME COY RE March 1945

Discussion in 'Royal Engineers' started by tal, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. tal

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    1,50.59 me platoons

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  2. dbf

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    thanks for sharing this, I'm sure it'll be of help to others
  3. ted angus

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    Thanks for sharing , all very familiar places to me, we had married quarters at both Goch and Pfalzdorf up until the time RAF Laarbruch closed. Goch , Kleve, Geldern Venlo Kevalear al places we visited regularly for shopping dining etc; I wish I had had access to all the great info on this forum during my time there; Mind I did manage to take my Dad to Xanten he was 279 Fld Co RE 15 Div.
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  4. tal

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    Thank you...my pleasure...I'm learning a lot from this site, little bit here and there, but these mechanical equipment platoons are a nightmare to research, so if anyone knows anything on 50 me pln during operation plunder please let me know..I can upload 866 april and may if theres an interest...

    Some good footage of RE's I had'nt seen before on this Dutch (I think) series of films for this time period...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4N48Vyj_0A
  5. ted angus

    ted angus Senior Member

    Yes excellent footage have added the link to my favourites, and it throws up links to many more films. Yes I would like to read April & May's . I must get round to getting my Dad's ordered.
  6. tal

    tal Junior Member

    here's the diary entries for April..

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  7. mac657

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    Very interesting Tal, thanks for posting. There are some links on there to my grandads service and i'll post comments on the other '4 HQ' thread.


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