War Diary: 4 Bn Welch Regiment, June - August 1944

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    Appendix VIII
    4 Welch Patrols Night 13/14 September

    1. A Coy strong fighting patrol (1 Platoon)
    Tasks – a) are there any enemy in Nederviersel – 8691?
    b) are there any enemy at bridge 881918?
    c) are there any enemy south of the canal between this bridge & tributary canal at 826940?
    d) If yes to any of these (a-c) to attack enemy found.

    Time out 2000 Time in 0630

    Patrol will NOT go East of line running North & South through bridge 881918, but may go into small tongue of land around 878918 if bridge is found to be intact.

    Route – Direct – Viersel – small canal area 855917-Nederviersel-Bridge.

    2. B Coy Patrols throughout night from 2230 – 0630 (1 Section)

    Object – To draw enemy fire and pinpoint positions North of Canal.

    Area – Excluding bridge 810944 to Coy right boundary at 820938 along canal bank.

    3. C Coy – Fighting patrols

    Tasks – Attack any enemy found
    Area – Area of Ven 8492
    Timings – At intervals throughout the night between 2230 & 0630
    Route – From village of Viersel at 848926 direct to Ven
    Ambush – Patrol will establish itself in area wood 826934 at last light & ambush any enemy crossing canal in this area. Will withdraw at 0630.

    4 Welch Patrols 13/14 September
    To: 160 Bdge
    From: IO 4 Welch
    For information[FONT=&quot][1][/FONT]: ABCD Coys

    1. A Coy Patrol
    Village of Nederviersel was found to be clear of enemy. Bridge at 881917 is completely destroyed & could not be repaired. Complete new RE bridge would be required to cross at this point.
    Enemy heard digging on North side of canal from fork at 871919 – bridge. 0130 hours.
    Lighted cigarettes & torches seen edge of wood sq8792, 0200 hours.
    Patrol followed line of canal back from bridge to lock gates at 856921. Lock gates are intact & it is possible for infantry to cross.

    2. C Coy’s Patrols report Ven 8492 clear of enemy throughout night.
    Unaimed MG fire came across the canal at irregular intervals, but could not be pinpointed. Nothing further to report.

    3. D Coy Patrol.
    Horse drawn transport [FONT=&quot][2][/FONT]heard in wood at 826937 at 2130 hours continued to 0200 hours & then stopped.
    Medium mortar fired about 14 bombs from area of wood 828938 – fall of bombs not known.
    2 MG’s opened up at about 0200 hours one from area wood 828938, one from 823938.
    Skirmish heard 0600 from direction of Viersel – not yet confirmed by C Coy.

    4. B Coy’s Patrols
    Horse drawn transport heard area Oeleghe up to 0200 hours but not after.
    Own fire failed to draw enemy fire, but a flare was fired a little distance back from canal by enemy – exact position of firer not known.
    Otherwise compeletely quiet night on Coy patrol front.

    [FONT=&quot][1][/FONT] Originally infm

    [FONT=&quot][2][/FONT] Originally HDT

    Appendix IX
    4 Welch Patrol Intentions Night 14/15 Sept 1944
    To: 160 Bde
    From: IO 4 Welch

    1. C Coy – Two standing patrols
    a) In Ven 844928
    b) Area 835924

    2. D Coy – Two standing patrols
    a) Wood 826935 – Watching wood on north bank of canal
    b) 822938 – Watching farm buildings 823938

    3. B Coy – One standing patrol in house 809941

    Flares will be fired at 0200 hours – a) from centre of D Coy to illuminate North bank of canal for both patrols (of D Coy). b) From right of C Coy to illuminate north bank for patrol at 853924.

    All patrols will be established at 2100 hours & withdrawn at 0630 hours.
    141730B IO 4 Welch

    4 Welch Movement Order No.2

    1. 4 Welch will move to SL and Fwd assembly area morning 22 Oct.

    2. Route (SPUR Route) as recced 20 Oct –
    Rd junc 453519 – rd junc 439525 – rd junc 439523 – rd junc 433518 – rd junc 428513.

    Marching Tps
    3. S.P. rd junc 459527
    4. Order of march – Marching tps – C
    5. Timings: Head of marching tps passes S.P. 0430
    6. Snipers and marching personnel adv Bn HQ move with A Coy marching tps. O.C. A Coy to bring them with him when he reports to the Comd Post. (See para 12)

    7. Tpt will be grouped as follows. Comds of gps as shown will time the move of their gps to arrive at rd junc 428513 at the time shown.
    Arrive rd Junc 428513
    Comd Gp – Cos Carrier
    COs Jeep
    Bde Rear Link
    Bty Comd 331 Bty 0545
    Sqn Tnks (Aproaching from SE) 0550
    Mortar Pl 0605
    OC Mortars
    R.A.P. (Arrive RAP) 0610
    Adv Bn HQ Gp OC Sp
    Escort Veh
    Pnr Pl less 3 tonner 0620
    R.E. Pl 0625
    (Pl Comd)
    Atk Pl 0630
    (Pl Comd)
    Atk Tp 0640
    (Tp Comd)
    Carrier Pl 0650
    (Pl Comd)
    Rifle Coy F.1 Tpt 0700
    8. Only Comd Gp will pass rd junc 428513 in front of tks. All other Gps will ensure tks are clear before proceeding.
    9. Timings from Night Assembly Area will be judged by Gp Comds who will Liaise with preceding Gps to ensure that no clash on rds.

    Tpt and Marching Tps proceed on same rd at own rates concurrently.

    11. Areas as already recce’d
    12. On arrival fwd assembly area A & B Coy Comds, Snipers, Marching personnel, Adv Bn HQ, Atk Tp, Atk Pl, and RE Pl Comds, Comds sp arms not moving with Comd GP but required in Comd Post will report to the Comd Post.
    13. R.A.P will draw off rd immediately on arrival R.A.P. area in order that rest of coln may pass on their correct timings.
    Law, Capt
    21st Oct 1944 Adjt 4 Welch
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    4th Bn[FONT=&quot][/FONT] The Welch Regiment
    1st October 1944 – 31st October 1944
    Appendixes 1 (One) to 8 (Eight)

    Location - Bladel
    1st October – 1900 – Nothing to report – Patrols to areas Fransche Hoef and East edge of De Hoeven made no contact with enemy.

    Night 1st/2nd 2000/0600 – Protective patrolling only. No enemy activity to report.

    2nd October – 1200 – Battalion warned for move to positions South East of S’Hertogenbosch. Advance party to move 021500A.
    1900 – Order group for move and attachment to 158 Brigade. Battalion at one hours notice from 23600A.
    2100 – Time of move 030850A.

    3rd October - 0850 – Battalion move in troop carrying vehicles to concentration area in 158 Brigade sector. Order of march: Advance Battalion HQ, Support Company, Battalion HQ, A Company, B Company, C Company, D Company, Regimental Aid Post, A Echelon. Route:– Happert – Eersel – Steensel – Veldhoven-crossroads 420167 – crossroads 411182 – road junction 414184 – cross roads 412191 – railway crossing 414194 – road junction 418200 thence by Club route – road junction 421196 – Woensel – Volkhoven – Zon – road junction 436306 – Lieshout 5126. Battalion come under command 158 Brigade on arrival in new area.

    Location – Lieshout (5126)
    1200 – Bn HQ established 512273, A Coy at 515270, B Coy at 517273, C Coy at 515280 and D Coy at 509275.
    1500 – Order group for move to take over positions from 1/5 Welch. Command group and Recce Party to leave immediately.
    1900 – Battalion moved embussed to new area. Route:– Niensel 4330 – road junction 422318 – crossroads 426321 – 425330 – then on foot to Company areas.
    2300 – Take over from 1/5 Welch completed. Battalion HQ at 424335, A Coy at 419357, B Coy at 418357, C Coy at 422344, D Coy at 425544. No incidents during take over.
    Location – St Oudenrode (4233)
    4th October – 0600 – Quiet night. Nothing to report.
    1200 – No enemy activity this area
    1400 – Offensive action against enemy with MMGs, 3” mortars and Field Artillery from 1400 to 1410. No reaction by enemy.
    1900 – 3 tanks reported to be in area of woods 401342. 1 6 pounder and 1 17 pounder anti-tank gun are site at 422344 to cover approaches. D Company move to new position cancelled., Battalion positions unchanged.
    2200 – Advance orders received for move to relieve 327 US Glider Regiment area of Vechel.
    5th October – 0600 – Night quiet and uneventful. Several rifle grenades fired by enemy at one of our forward sections, otherwise no enemy activity during night 4/5th October. No casualties.
    0830 – Commanding Officer to 158 Brigade for orders for move to relieve 327 US Glider Regiment. Battalion O Group ordered for 1015 hours.
    1015 – Above move cancelled. Battalion reverts to under command 160 Brigade and moves to concentration area Lieshout 5126 at 1700 hours. Battalion to be relieved by 1/5 Welch.
    2300 – Battalion now concentrated in area of Lieshout. Battalion HQ established at 515269.

    Location – Lieshout
    6th October – 0845 – Battalion moving to positions north of River Waal at Nijegen. Order of march; Battalion HQ, HQ Company, Support Company, A Coy, B Coy, C Coy, D Coy. Route – Lieshout – Nynsel 4330 – St Oudenrode 4232 – Vegnel 4837 – Uden 5342 – Crossroads 581510 – Grave 6153 – road junction 643597 0 Nijmegen – 6886. Approaches to the bridge shelled whilst Battalion was crossing. One OR killed and one OR wounded.

    Location –Ousterhout (6866)
    1400 – Battalion in position. Bn HQ at 677664, A Coy at 676668, B Coy at 676664, C Coy at 685667, D Coy at 680661. Battalion comes under command US Army as reserve.
    1500 – CO to Brigade for orders to relieve 5 Colstream Guards area Elst. Ceased to be under command US Army and revert to original command.
    1850 – Battalion moved by march route to AAM7170. Route:– crossroads 696673 – road junction 7027 – 716702.

    Location – AAM7170
    2145 – Taking over completed. No incidents and no casualties. Bn HQ at 716702, A Coy at 725696, B Coy at 723707, C Coy at 719709, D Coy at 717703. See trace attached [Appendix 1]

    Night 6/7th- 2000/0600 – No enemy activity to report.

    7th October – 1200 – Morning spent reorganising and liason with 3rd Battalion 508 US Parachute Regiment on right and 6 RWF on left.
    1700 – Considerable enemy mortar and shell fire on Company areas during last three hours.
    2100 – mortar and shelling by enemy continues at intervals. Enemy mortar positions located 724713 and 25 pounder battery concentration put down, position is now silent.

    Night 7th/8th – 2000/0600 – Patrolling 1) Recce B Coy to area 727706 2) Recce C Coy to area wood 719712. Patrol reports attached. [Appendix 2]
    2220 – B Coy patrol report enemy platoon position at 728707. 331 Field Battery fired concentration.

    8th October – 0315 – Enemy attempt to recover damaged Panther tank at 723713, Field Battery engaged Scale 5.
    0445 – Enemy returned to tank. Field Battery engaged five rounds per gun.
    0920 – Enemy reported to be still in copse, men seen moving and noise of horse drawn transport heard.
    1100 – Plans laid to demolish bridges across Autobarn under construction in order to break up possible enemy tank run.
    1200 – Heavy mortar fire and occasional shelling during whole of morning.
    1700 – Mortaring by enemy continues at intervals, self propelled antitank guns fired on damaged Panther tank to complete immobilisation. Shoot successful.
    1900 – Bn positions remain unchanged. Patrolling for night 8/9th October is protective only.
    2000 – Royal Engineers began laying charges for blowing of bridges. Anti-tank mines to be laid after blowing is completed.
    2015 – Royal Engineers held up by enemy mortar fire, several casualties to Royal Engineer personnel.
    2020 – Program of demolition of bridges is continued but modified.
    2050 – C Company report 2 PWs taken at 719709 being escorted to this HQ.
    2110 – PWs sent to Brigade HQ. Identification made of 1st Battalion, 10 Panzer Grenadier Regiment, 9th Panzer Division. PWs were unarmed and making no effort at concealment when taken, they state they deserted their unit.
    2350 – Bridges are blown. Successful obstacle formed. Mining to be completed night 9/10th October.

    Night 9/10th – 0010/0600 – Considerable movement of mechanical transport and tanks heard general area 3000/4000 yards north of Battalion positions throughout night. No other enemy to report, Battalion positions unchanged.

    9th October – 0030 – Prelominary report on interrogation of PWs shows enemy main defence loine to be line of drained canal 725715. I, II and III Companies of 10 Panzer Grenadier Regiment to east of same road with 1 platoon at 721713. 1 and 4 Company HQ and mortars at road/canal crossing 721716. Battalion HQs I and II Battalions in farm buildings 727728. PWs uncertain about tank strength.
    1000 – Royal Artillery “Victor Target” fired on general area above.
    1200/1900 – Intermittent mortar and shell fire only during morning as above.

    Night 9th/10th – 2000/0600 – Patrolling – 1) Standing protective patrol area 725705 to watch enemy post area 728706 and protect pioneers laying minefield area 722705. Time out 2000 hours. Time in on completion of task. 2) Fighting Patrol to house[FONT=&quot][2][/FONT] 720711 see if occupied by enemy and bring back PWs. Time out NOT before 0100. Time in by 0430 hours.
    Results:– 1) Successfully completed, no casualties. 2) Patrol returned 0230 hours to report no enemy in house 720711. Bren seen firing from 718712.

    10th October – 0045 – Carrier Platoon report enemy patrol 725704. H Company 3 Battalion US Parachute Regiment report same patrol. Exchange of grenades and small arms fire between enemy and Carrier Platoon. US engaged with mortars.
    0150 – 3rd Battalion 508 reported enemy patrol withdrawing and successfully engaged with mortar fire.
    0800 – No further enemy activity during night. Battalion positions remains unchanged.
    0855/0910 – 2 (?) enemy guns firing onto area Battalion HQ 716702. Guns engaged by Battery 133 Field Regiment. No further fire from enemy.
    1800 – Only occasional enemy mortar and shellfire to report. No casualties.

    Night 10/11th – 1900/0600 – Patrolling 1) Protective Recce A Company area track 728706. 2) Recce B Company area house 720711. Reports attached [Appendix 3]

    11th October – 0600 – No incidents during night. Battalion positions unchanged.
    0655 – Enemy heavy guns shelling area Battalion HQ.
    0705 – Direct hit on buildings occupied by HQ Company. Casualties X Nil and 3. Y Nil and 9.

    11th October – 0900 –Recce party arrived from 6 RWF to take over Battalion positions. Recce party from 4 Welch left to recce rest area rear of Brigade locality.
    1600 – Nothing to report during last 6 hours.

    Location - Oosternout
    12th October – Handing over completed. Battalion now in rest area. Battalion HQ and HQ Company at 681662, A Coy at 699672, B Coy at 682663, C Coy at 681662, D Coy at 699672, Support Coy at 690669, Regimental Aid Post at 695671.

    12th-15th October – Battalion resting and refitting. Nothing to report.

    15th October – 1400 – Order group for Battalion taking over the Brigade counter attack role from 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment.

    Location – Merme (6870)
    16th October – 1100 –Battalion now in positions in Brigade reserve. Battalion HQ at 709684, A Coy at 707686, B Coy at 711692, C Coy at 711687, and D Coy at 714685.
    1800 – Nothing to report.

    17th October – 0600 – Quiet night nothing to report. Battalion positions unchanged.
    0800 – Advance party left for new area. Battalion being withdrawn to Divisional rest area.

    18th October – 0130 – Battalion column formed up. Troops embussed. Route:– Merme – Nijmegen – Grave – Reek – Ravenstein – Demen.

    Location – Demen (5459)
    0700 – Battalion now concentrated in area of Demen. Plans for rest and refit.

    19th October – 0900 – Battalion still in rest area. Commanding Officer on recce for future operation.

    20th October – 1000 – Order Group for move to assembly area for attack on Nuland and S’Hertogenbosch.

    21st October – 0830 - Harbour party left for assembly area. For details of move see attached move order No.1 [Appendix 4]
    1400 – Coys moved off by march route to assembly area.
    2030 – Transport less A Echelon left for assembly area.
    2300 – Battalion now in assembly area 460526.

    22nd October – 0430 – Move to Start line and Forward Assembly Area as per attached move order 2. [Trace and details of report lines and Arty task as Appendix 6]
    0620 – C and D Companies on Start line of road 417513-418507 with C Company right. D Company left. A and B Companies in forward assembly areas 300 yards to the rear with A Company right and B Company left. Command Post located in house at 419512. Fl Echelon at 425515, F2 at 460526. C Squadron 5 Dragoon Guards + ½ Squadron of Crocodiles in support. 1 Troop of 5 Dragoon Guards in support each C and D Companies with 3 Crocodiles each, 1 Squadron 5 Dragoon Guards in reserve.
    0630 – H Hour. C and D Companies crossed Start Line preceded by tanks and Crocodies. Rate of advance: tanks 100 yards per minute. Infantry 100 yards per 2 minutes. Tank troop on left reached for objective “Toe” in 20 minutes losing one tank to Panzersheck[FONT=&quot][3][/FONT]. Crocodiles bogged on outskirts of village and could only flame forward edge and rood 409507. Tanks on right hit mines at 412511 and lost one tank.
    0700 – C and D Companies in centre of village of Nula and fighting house to house.
    0700 – A and B Companies sent in. A Company to consolidate the C Company area. C Company mop up south end of village cross roads 409503.
    1100 – D and A Companies pushed onto second objective “Foot” leaving B Company completing mopping up (South end of Nuland.) “Foot” reached without much opposition and the decision taken, in view of necessity for clearing “Hand” before 1400 hours, to enable 158 Brigade to pass through on Pan route, to push on without pause to third objective “Hand” which was reported clear 1330 hours, but considerable sniping still coming from south flank where 71st Brigade were still held up on “Bowl”. 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment had progressed faster on the dyke road “Cup Route” and were on “Hand” with one by 1230 hours. It was decided to put 158 Brigade through 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment along “Cup” route instead of on “Pan” route at 1400 hours. Battalion ordered to consolidate and establish defensive position on “Hand”. This was completed before last light with the layout:– Battalion HQ at 390502, A Coy at 385498, C Coy at 387499, B Coy at 387496, D Coy (guarding left flank) at 387495. 6 RWF had by this time established Companies along the Pan route as left flank protection between “Bowl” and “Hand” at 389495, 393497, 396498 with Battalion HQ at 403500.
    1800 – Battalion firm in positions stated. The number of PWs taken during the day: 3 Officers (including Regimental Commander 745 Grenadier) and 149 Ors from all 712 Infantry Division and 12th Res Pz Jag Regt. Our casualties: X Nil and 3, y 1 and 11, Z nil and nil.

    Location – “Hand”
    2200 – Brigade O Group and 158 Brigade push to S’Hertogenbosch had failed to break through and had only reached “Dish”. Plan now for 1st Bn East Lancashire Regiment to take Bruggen 3750 by first light then advance to be continued to “Head” by 160 Brigade, then 6 RWF to pass through and establish positions across main road area of Varkenshoek to destroy enemy withdrawing to S’Hertogenbosch from East.

    23rd October – 0630 – Only slight activity during night with some infiltration into D Company’s positions. 2 casualties wounded by grenades. Sniping still continuing from left flank where 71 Brigade had only reached “Cruet” 2 PWs taken fro 712 Fusilier Battalion, 1 Officer, 1 Officer Cadet.
    0645 – ‘H’ Hour, for advance to “Head” with A Coy right, B Coy left. The opposition is stronger than on the 22nd and progress is generally slow, especially by B Company on the left, but “Nose” reached by 1400 hours. Appreciated that the strength of the enemy opposition from Bottle Group – 4th Para Training Regiment[FONT=&quot][4][/FONT]together with fact that 71 Brigade on left had not reached “Dish” 1300 yards in rear made advance to head not possible. But 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment continued from “Nose” taking Rosmalen and Ft Alexander.
    1500 – It was found that B Company were not on “Nose” but 250 yards forward of it and it was decided to move A Company up to same general line 365489-366489. Immediately before A Company’s advance, enemy defensive fire was seen to be falling heavily and accurately on this objective so it was decided to pass A Company further through to first good cover beyond.
    1700 – A Company advance and reached the outskirts of Molenhoek 362487. Battalion ordered to consolidate these positions and allow 6 RWF to pass through 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment
    1800 – Battalion established A Company 361487, B Company at bridge 362483, D Company (left flank protection) at 268484, C Company (Reserve) at 369482, Battalion HQ at 378496.
    1830 – PW numbers taken during the day: 3 Officers and 54 ORs, mainly mixed Battle Groups, 4 Para Training Regiment. Own casualties: X Nil and 5. Y 1 and 20. Z Nil and Nil.
    2000 – Personal message received from Commander 2nd Army to 4 Welch and 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment for the two days of excellent sustained effort ensuring to capture of S’Hertogenbosch.
    2200 – By this time 6 RWF firmly established cutting the main road area of Varkenshoek.

    24th October – 1600 – Battalion O Group for orders to move into positions occupied by 6 RWF to enable them to take over from a Battalion of 158 Brigade who were by this time fighting in s’Hertogenbosch.
    1615 – Orders cancelled. Brigade O Group orders for Battalion to move to Herven 3248 as right flank protection. 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment to move to Orten 2148, 6 RWF to factory area north suburbs of town.
    1700 – Recce party to Herven under command of 2IC.
    1820 – Companies and Advance Battalion HQ with transport (less F2 Echelon) moved via Rosmale and 3549 to Herven.
    2100 – Battalion in positions; A Coy at 323481, Bn HQ at 325481, B Coy at 327481, C Coy at 337488 and D Coy at 332483.

    Location – Herven
    25th October – 0600 – No activity during night except shelling passing overhead into town from enemy guns estimated to be within 2000 yards of Battalion area.
    1130 – CO to Brigde for orders to take over from 7 RWF (158 Brigade) in SE area of town.
    1500 – Battalion moved into s’Hertogenbosch. A Coy at 327460, C Coy at 330462, D Coy at 324464, B Coy at 332467, Bn HQ at a school 328467, positions firmly established by last light.

    26th October – 0600 – No activity during night except enemy shelling of bridges 328464 and 328461.

    27th October – 0600 – Battalion positions unchanged. NO enemy activity beyond light shelling.
    1800 – O Group for move to take over from 1st East Lancashire Regiment in the western outskirts of the town to enable 158 Brigade to be withdrawn into reserve.
    2200 – Battalion established A Coy at the barracks t 306457, B Coy astride the bridge at 312457, C Coy 2nd Bn Monmouthshire Regiment under command 4 Welch to station at 312463, C Coy (4 Welch) reserve at 317464, Bn HQ at 316464.

    Location – s’Hertogenbosch
    28th October – 0600 – Battalion positions firm and unchanged. No enemy activity to report except spasmodic shelling of bridges in s’Hertogenbosch.
    1400 – Lt Col Spurling is promoted to Brigadier and left Battalion to take command of Brigade, 50th Division. Command temporarily devolves on Major GA Burnett.
    1700 – Recce Group (Major Burnett, Lt Sharpe and Major Excell) cut off forward of west edge of town. The officers extricated themselves after a sharp battle bringing 2 PWs with them.

    29th October – 0600 – Positions unchanged. Nothing to report.
    1800 – Lt Col Frisby (Royal Scots Fusiliers) assumed command of our Battalion in place of Lt Col Spurling.

    30th October – 0600 – Battalion still occupying positions as on 29th October. Slight shelling by enemy during the night.
    1400 – CO to Brigade for orders to proceed to east side of 2nd Army corridor. No move before 310900A.

    31st October – 0900 – Advance party 1st Bn Gordons arrived.
    1400 – Battalion began handing over positions to 1st Gordons and moving up to Brigade concentration area in east part of s’Hertogenbosch.
    1800 – Positions: Bn HQ at 328427, A Coy at 327460, B Coy at 332457. C Coy at 330462, D Coy at 324641.
    1930 – Battalion O Group for move to area of Bree 5034.

    [FONT=&quot][1][/FONT] War Diary front cover changes, adding ‘4th Bn The Welch Regt’

    [FONT=&quot][2][/FONT] Marked ‘HO’ house?

    [FONT=&quot][3][/FONT] Listed as ‘Bazooka’ in text

    [FONT=&quot][4][/FONT] In text written as “4 Para Trg Reft”
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    Updated up to October. 19,903 words :) Hopefully get the Appendix for October done tomorrow. Then put it on hiatus to start another WD to start cross referencing.
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    Swiper should be highly congratulated for his work here - my father would never talk about his wartime experiences and consequently my brothers and I never found out where he was wounded - Swiper has now corrected this for us and we are extremely grateful to him
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    I am looking for a KIA for Cpl Stanley Long 14565081, who was killed on 22nd February, 1945. Can anyone help with images of the War Diaries for the period about 20th - 25th please. I see the diaries shown but they are for 1944.
    Also if anyone has any information abour Stanley Long I would be most grateful.
    I am brand new to this.
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    I will be getting to those in the nearish future, but should be going to the Regimental Museum today so will have a chinwag with them.

    [This is Swiper using GF's account...]
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    Fantastic record.
    My father John Hope was a Captain in th 4th Bn Royal Welsh Fusilers. (Photo Dec 1943 at Linton Park)
    I believe he was wounded near Caen. Will his Unit been covered by this Diary

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    Hi Swiper,

    A very good friend of mine collect British Militaria and especially the 53st Welsh. Your hand research on the 4th Batt Welsh Regt War diaries is most interesting because they liberated Reusel, Bladel ,Hapert, Eersel area. Is it possible to send me the copies of the original war diaries. happy to pay any expenses. Will see if he can send you pics of his collection.

  9. Aljones

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    Hi Adrian
    I have copies of the Battalions diaries and can send them to you - they are photographs only but cover the areas you mentioned - I would past this on this site if I could work out how to add attachments!

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    I can send you the diary for February 1945 - I could help you
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    Photo of 4th Welch Battalion Anti-tank platoon taken on 1/3/1944 (St David's Day) with names

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    Diary for 4th Welch Battalion Feb 1945
    This is a photo of the records only

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    Photo of Officers of 4th Welch with names including, Captain Rosenheim, Military Cross, Major Bill Clement (Military Cross) and ex -Welsh Rugby international and Captain Peter Ryding
    Taken in September, 1943 with names added

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    Here you go - records for 20th to 26 Feb 1945.
    Good luck

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    At 5:30am on Saturday, 24th February, 1945 the Battalion crossed a starting line to go just under two miles to the north side of the German town of Goch. There had been a substantial British artillery bombardment on the previous day.

    At 10am it was reported that two other battalions from the 160th Brigade were meeting very heavy artillery and mortaring and considerable resistance from enemy infantry. The battalions were at their positions but these were unstable as they were being shelled constantly.

    At 11:45am, the original plan was cancelled and the Battalion was now moved to an area on the southern edge of Goch. From first light on Sunday, 25th February the enemy shelled and mortared the Battalion heavily and regularly. The shelling exacted a high price, as by the end of the day, 12 soldiers had been killed two of whom were Serjeants.

    Later on it was believed that the enemy were forming up to counter-attack on the right flank but this was broken up by British artillery, who bombarded their positions.
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    I have added 4th Welch Battalions Diary from November, 1944 to May 1945. They are copies of the diaries and not so well typed as above. The 4 Welch war diaries are on this site from June to October 1944 (all typed by Swiper - he/she deserves a medal for this and then copies of the Battalion's records on a jpg photos. So you have all the diary records on line on this excellent site from June, 1944 to May 1945.

    Enjoy them!
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    HI My husbands Great Uncle Private Emrys Jones was killed in Peel on 27th Sept 1944. Can anyone tell me how to find out whch company of the 4th Btn Welch he was part of?
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    Swiper, do you have a photographic copy of this at all, I live in the area and would love to see the diary pages mentioning La Feuille etc.
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    Swiper I adopted a grave in the cemetery in Nederweert, it concerns a soldier (CF Dack) who died on November 9, 1944 of the Welsh regiment 4th battalion.

    So I am very interested in the War Diary of the month of November 1944, thank you
  20. wiliehegelsom

    wiliehegelsom New Member

    I adopted a grave in the cemetery in Nederweert, it concerns a soldier (CF Dack) who died on November 9, 1944 of the Welsh regiment 4th battalion.

    So I am very interested in the War Diary of the month of November 1944,

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