War Diaries 1st Gloucestershire Regiment

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  1. DanMed

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    I am looking for 172/307, 172/331,172/2510 and 172/4880. If any of these are available somewhere for download, I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. 4jonboy

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    Hi Danielle
    I don't know if any members on here have copies of these diaries, but there are a couple of members who can copy them for you at a very reasonable price if you cannot get to the National Archives.

  3. Drew5233

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    I can give you a price for these three at 10p per page:

    WO 172/307 - 1 Gloucestershire Regiment – 1939 Sept.- 1940 Dec
    WO 172/331 - 1 Gloucestershire Regiment - 1941 Jan.- Sept., Dec
    WO 172/861 - 1 Gloucestershire Regiment - 1942 Jan.- Feb., May - Dec

    I copied them a few years ago but a error caused me to loose all of the diaries I have copied. I have no idea how thick the others are that you are interested in.

  4. DanMed

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    Thanks for the responses.

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