War Crimes PG 52 meaning of S.A.C.

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    Hello everybody, I am now well on the way to finishing my website on the above camp and have come across the following in WO 311/317:

    Extract from a communication dated 6 May 1946 sent from the Office of the Deputy Judge Advocate, GHQ Central Mediterranean Forces, (JAG/VW/16026) to the Judge Advocate General, 6 Spring Gardens, Cockspur Street, London S.W.1 regarding alleged war crimes in Camp PG 52

    You may wish to advise the S.A.C. on this case, with a view to bringing a general charge against the Camp Commandant, and any particular charges which may be supported by the evidence now available, or by further evidence which you may obtain.

    You may also wish to advice the S.A.C. on the charges which may be preferred against those members of the Carabinieri whose brutality has been particularly noted.

    Who were/was S.A.C?

    Thanks in anticipation

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    Supreme Allied Commander?
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    See the Legal Tools website for examples of Italian cases. Click on "search" in left hand panel. On next screen click on "sources" and select U.N.W.C.C. to limit search.

    The U.N.W.C.C. archive was hidden until about five years ago. Dr. Dan Plesch of SOAS had a great deal to do with opening the archive. The process of scanning and posting the archive documents is continuing.

    Use of abbreviation "S.A.C." in connection with an early war crimes trial.


    A case involving Carabinieri

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    Thanks. Will do.

    Thanks also for highlighting the Carabinieri case. This has resolved one of my questions, that is, where the trials were held in no. 3. District. I now know - at Afragola.

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    I am going to need some help here, please. I got onto the site but when I entered the charge details they weren't recognised.
    Here is the top part of the charge sheet:

    Charge Sheet UK -  1 B43.jpg

    Thanks in anticipation,

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    Castelli wasn't tried, as the Camp Leader spoke well of him amongst other reasons. He declared that he had no jurisdiction over the Carabinieri Detachment which was based in the camp and which was responsible for the ill-treatment of the prisoners. All will be revealed on my website when I eventually finish it....

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    It appears to be Supreme Allied Command

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