Walking Tunisia's Mareth Line in 2021

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    Hello All!

    My name is Oscar Scafidi and I am currently writing the Bradt Travel Guide to Tunisia (1st Edition). When published in early 2022, it will be the first English-language tourism guidebook to this country in over ten years. I also have a YouTube channel where I film my travels around this amazing country. There is a playlist in there where I am building up video tours of all of Tunisia's Commonwealth War Graves that you might be interested in, as well as another of me hunting down German bunkers outside Mareth on the Mareth Line.

    I am planning to walk the entire Mareth Line with some friends quite soon, from west to east, ending at the coast. However, I am struggling to find any detailed maps of the fortifications. I am aware of the fancy French coffee table book Ligne Maginot du desert : La défense du limes républicain, which claims to have maps of all the fortifications, however, they do not deliver to Tunisia (where I am based), and they also do not seem to have a digital version I can pay to download.

    Does anyone out there have any detailed maps of the actual fortifications, or GPS tracks that we might find useful? Or even ideas on a starting point (i.e. which is the easternmost fortification near Toujane)? I know that the fortifications roughly follow the bed of the Oued Zigzaou, which is easily visible from satellite photography on Google Earth, however, I get the feeling the lines stretch a lot further south-west than that, given that there is a pretty prominent one at Ksar Hallouf.

    I am really struggling to get anything useful, and the Military Museum in Mareth cannot help. These are the only two maps I can find and neither are very detailed!

    It would be great to successfully complete this trek, and then share the details with the world via the upcoming Bradt Travel Guide to Tunisia in 2022. Tunisia has SO MUCH battlefield tourism potential.


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    I have asked an intrepid explorer of fortifications has been there and will ask others too, which is a bit slower.

    You may have done this already, caveat aside now. Have a peek at these threads:

    1. Map help Maps explained
    2. A tour operator to Tunisia now eight years ago: WWII tours of North Africa The author of that post only posted once in 2013. The tour(s) run by Steve Hamilton are on his website: Western Desert Battlefield Tours
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    Maybe (and only maybe!) some useful co-ordinates here.

    Carte archéologique nationale

    Good luck with all your endeavours, and please be mindfull of wandering too far from the beaten (tourist?) track (mines!)

    Kind regards, always,

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    A reply from the intrepid explorer of fortifications: The whole line is good visible on Google Earth. COVID intervened to stop a visit.
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    Is this of any help to you.

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