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  1. Tom OBrien

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    I am interested in the planning for the amphibious assault on Walcheren Island at the mouth of the Scheldt Estuary and particularly the RN part in the operation and have a few questions:

    1. Can anyone suggest good sources to explain why the operation appears to have caught the RN on the hop.
    2. Were there no long term plans to regenerate the assault craft from Normandy so that they were rapidly available for further operations in NW Europe?
    3. I realise that the RM and Army Commandoes were also used in the bridgehead, but was anyone trying to get them released for retraining in assault ops.
    4. Were there spare minesweepers available both to sweep an access for the amphibious assault and then to sweep down the Scheldt Estuary to Antwerp.

    I'd welcome any responses.

  2. Joe Brown

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    Dear Tom,

    I think Paul Crucq's Turning the Key is the most complete, factual and definitive account of the Walcheren campaign, and you will find Part III especially informative about Operation Infatuate II.


    Joe Brown
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    Hi Tom,
    Attached a few pages from Paul Lund and Harry Ludlam's 'The war of the Landing Craft' about Walcheren. A bit about planning, mostly accounts of the battle. I have attached a couple of pictures of LCTs at Walcheren as well, hope they are of interest.


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  4. Tom OBrien

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    Many thanks - I shall read this with interest and let you know if I find anything elsewhere.


  5. Tom OBrien

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    I can't find the book you referenced on either Amazon or library catalogue - can you remember where you saw it?


  6. Smudger Jnr

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    Take a look at this website which has a link to the book at the bottom of the page.


    Turning the Key; the Capture and Liberation of Walcheren Island October 30 - November 8, 1944 by Paul M Crucq. 320 pages, maps, photos, bibliog. ISBN/EAN 978-90-807854-4-1.

  7. Somnophore

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    I'm interested in this operation my grandad was a Royal Marine and I found out recently that he not only on Sword Beach but also took part in operation Infatuate.
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    There's 19 files showing on TNA website:

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    Click the red link below in my signature if you would like any copying.

  10. borjeno

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    Hi Tom probably not relevant to your post but I thought you might find them interesting as they were taken by my Dad from LCI 245 on their way up the Sheldt to Antwerp. I have a photograph (Not scanned yet) of a captured German mine sweeper in the Sheldt taken around the same time.
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  12. AnneR

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    The photo of LCT 737 is from Infatuate 11 Assault at Westkapelle. My dad was part of the crew. 75th Anniversary is Nov 1st, 2019. Anyone going? Regards AnneR
  13. AnneR

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    2024 Nov 1st is now 80th Anniversary of this assault and there is will be celebrations at the Westkapelle Memorial, Walcharen. There is a Museum there and the local researchers have amassed stories and great details of the history of the area including WW11 and Infatuate.
    The Museum has a website with links to books, photos etc.
    Contact Details: use website for email address:
    Het Polderhuis musea & meer, Zuidstraat 154-156, 4361 AK Westkapelle. 0118-570700
    Also use Google maps to find Westkepelle and then locate museum on western edge of Walcharen.
    Have great cafe & museum shop with resources as well. Regards

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