WAAF Group Picture with names.

Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by ethan, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. ethan

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    One of my Grandmother's pictures, I thought I'd put it here as well as in my gallery in case it's of interest, nice to see a group picture with names though I'm afraid the resolution isn't great.


    Names are as my Granny wrote them; but I notice that there are 31 names and 33 people!

    K Reid- A Smith - EV Bowie- J Woomack A Goggins G O'Connel

    J Steel- N Burfield- R Evans- DKF (Diana Kathleen Floyd, my grandmother) M Agge- E Cox J Manning M Smith V Dowty

    Sgt Hunter- Sgt Hall- P/O Thornley- Flt. Lt Kitchener- F/O Wool- Lewis- P/O Taylor- Cpl Allen

    D Egan- Marion Smith- J Goudie- J Cowan- C Read- M Bennet- B Charmley- P Edwards- D Calow
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  2. amberdog45

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    Fantastic picture to have in your collection. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. DaveB

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    Hi Ethan - if you have the time, it would be a nice touch to type out the names.

    These sorts of photos are doubly precious as not only are they important to you (due to your family connection) they could also be important to other people who have relatives in the photo.

    From personal experience on this forum this is really a long shot, years after posting a bunch of names I might get a PM or a new post on an old thread from someone saying that they have just commenced doing family research and came across my mention of their long-lost relative.

    Personally, it always makes me feel good to provide info that they wouldn't have otherwise obtained thanks to this forum.


  4. Bernard85

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    good day ethan,m,yesterday.04:26 pm.re:waff group picture with names.thank you for sharing your pictures,the lady's of ww2 are always welcome,regards bernard85 :unsure:
  5. ethan

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    Names added with pleasure!

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