Volkswagen and Adolf Hitler

Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by Lindele, May 26, 2018.

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    If Mr. Grieger remains silent on the circumstances of his departure it can be safely assumed that he received a very large cheque in exchange for his cooperation.

    Given the stupidity of recent company statements I wouldn't have been surprised if forced labourers weren't blamed for Dieselgate.
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    They offered the Dieselgate programmer the Ernst Rohm retirement option.
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    Saw this on a prewar cars group. No info given except "1937 Volkswagen Fusca Beetle KdF-Wagen W30 prototype"

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    This was at the WW2 Weekend in Reading PA
    bg1.JPG bg2.JPG
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    I don't know what is going on here but like the picture. Maybe the VW factory being run by the Brits?
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    In the 70's, most of the old Beetles here went off-road and, depending on your budget, looking like this or this:

    VW Meyers Manx_0.jpg
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    1938 Brochure.

    Any German speaker like to translate it? :)

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    Being just someone driving a car sometimes, my initial comment is: WOW, what a car!
    Some of the very well chosen wording is pretty technical, but give me some time and I can translate the text. May be not in such long sentences though.
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    As well as the Volkswagon there was also the volksradio - every German worker should have a radio set. Very basic - pre tuned of course so they couldn't be used to listen to degenerate stations like the BBC. They turned out to be rubbish. There was great demand for confiscated French radios but most sought after were Marconi or Bush Wireless sets taken from the Channel islands
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    Digging about & it seems to be widely captioned as Wolfburg in 1949, so yeah, still under British control.
    A fair few Beetle aficionados out there saying the chrome places it around then.

    Not found the Life article yet, but an interesting page on that British era:
    1945–1949: The Work of the British

    Thought it might be in this 1951 series, but seems not.
    Inside Volkswagen: How to Mass-Produce an Automotive Icon
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    Are you sure? All sources point to the Volksradio (Volksempfanger) being tunable, although only German stations were marked. They could be tuned, albeit with some difficulty and usually at night, to foreign and the BBC stations. Apparently the notion that they were pre-tuned is a well known myth. Of course listening to foreign stations was a punishable offence.

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    What an... imaginative interpretation of the amount of leg room in that car :) My grandmother had a yellow Beetle for many years.
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    Dave me old mate if we had been running it the below would be the result
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