Visitors to WW2Talk during the Covid-19 lockdown

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    Just a quick question to, I presume, Adam et al. With lots of people having time on their hands these last few weeks, is there any data relating to the numbers of:
    1. Members posting
    2. Visitors to the site
    3. Number of new threads.

    Natural, simply curious, question (don't feel obliged to reply if you don't want to) but I can't find any recent info on any thread relating to this aspect.

    Thanks chaps.
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  2. von Poop

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    Good question, Steve.
    Not looked at the demographics for a few weeks, but... yeah, I think we can safely say there's been a lot of people on the internet during this strangeness.

    I've trimmed off the scales, as I'm not supposed to share full numbers publicly. I forget precisely why, but it's Otto's purview & I'll keep my word to the man that pays the bills (& has kept his word for 13 years never to interfere in daily running). The lines alone tell a tale.

    These are internal charts from within the forum software itself, so fairly simple logs.
    Will have a look at the Google stats later as it requires the pooter, and see if there's more I can comfortably share there.

    There's normally a peak for DDay & other significant dates, but they begin on the day itself, so reasonably confident this isn't that.

    Screenshot_20200601-155620.png Screenshot_20200601-155704.png Screenshot_20200601-155750.png

    Triple checked as I wanted charts to show up to may 31st.
    It marks the month at month's end, which seemed odd, but sort of makes sense for monthly results.
    Those lines definitely up to yesterday.
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  3. SDP

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    Thanks Adam. Appreciated and a very interesting trend line even with missing axis details. If the lines follow 'marketing style logic' - look on WW2Talk as a service with users with similar needs to other client types - then, as the lockdown eases, the numbers will fall back down again but nevertheless settle out at a higher level than before the lockdown.

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