Vickers Light tank MkVIC

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    Were Mk VIb's ever upgraded to MkVIc standard, similar to other British armoured vehicles (Churchills, Centaur/Cromwell).

    The only list I have of WD Census numbers does not tally with the pics for MkVIc (numbers on the hulls correspond to MkVIb AA I not Mk VIc, I will say the list has been fairly correct prior to when looking today but I have never checked its veracity)
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    T4309, this was amongst the paperwork of Trooper Boreham of the 3rd CLY who was killed in North Africa


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    I wonder if they are about to fit the sand shields?
  4. Andreas

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    Nice picture, any others eperchance?

    All the best

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    I'll look out the photo when I get home and see if it gives any info about where and when and what they are up to - it was a while back I scanned it but I don't think there was anything. There are more photos but none showing vehicles.

    Any idea what became of T4309?

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    Lovely picture. Sadly most light tanks were destroyed or scrapped locally. Of the survivors today, at least five are from a batch of ten sent to Australia. The link below should help. Bovington has a good selection but a few are stored in the conservation centre rather than on display.

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    I checked the back of the photo, unfortunately no info

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    With regards to posting #36 the first image can also be seen in the Imperial War Musuem catalogue reference 4700-37, H-2782 with the caption WESTMINSTER DRAGOONS (2nd City of London Yeomanry) Light tanks in training exercise at Chobham, 6th August 1940.

    I am also wondering if the first image in posting #42 is also from the same event in 1940.
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    Resurrecting an old thread with a piece of information found in the many files on my HD.

    Does this answer the original question of how many existed????

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    Mark -

    Where did you find file of monthly veh deliveries - TNA ? Also, do you know what the 'D' & 'C.D.' stand for ?

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    'D' & 'C.D.' would probably be the 'Deliveries & Cumulative Deliveries' referred to in the heading, wouldn't they ?
  12. Momtchil Kaltchev

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    A grand total of 166. Whether they were all completed is hard to know.

    The numbers do correspond well to the WD census numbers though,

    T4309 - T4342 = 34 MkVIc
    T5130 - T5184 = 55 MkVIc & AA MkII
    T5774 - T5812 = 39 MkVIc & AA MkII
    T5853 - T5882 = 40 MkVIc

    Dear All,

    I have find this interesting image of the Vickers VIC and the tank number "T4309" seems to match your research.

    However I am not able to understand the Division or Brigade insigna on the right side of the front plate (opposite the 53 number) what is this sign? Another thing, the number on the turret... what does it mean? In principle only one number is necessary and this is the T4309.

    And the very last thing: this tank seems with one color and not the usual camo with kaki and dark green. Was this common?

    Can someone help me?

    My best regards


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  13. Blanket Stacker

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    The insignia is the divisional sign of the 8th Armoured Division, a black square with a green circle inside and the letters GO in the circle in black.
  14. Chris C

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    Lots of tanks were not painted with disruptive camo, in general.
  15. idler

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    The 'number' on the turret is the tank's name. To me it looks like ROYSTERER II and my brain isn't coming up with anything more sensible at the moment.
  16. von Poop

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    Definitely Roysterer.
    Wonder if there was a Doister in the same troop...
  17. Momtchil Kaltchev

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    Thank you very much to everybody! Now I have much more info and ideas to how to finish my Mk VIC

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