VE/VJ 75th Anniversary Commemorations - 2020

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    Please spread the word !!

    Victory in Europe
    A special programme of events marking VE 75 will take place over the Early May Bank Holiday 2020 in Central London and has been designed to be of particular interest to all from the Second World War generation who served at home and overseas across the European theatre. Similar commemorations are expected to be reflected in communities across the nation.

    We are particularly pleased to announce that we plan to host 750 veterans from across the UK, each accompanied by a nominated companion, to attend the VE 75 events programme in Central London over the period 8-9 May 2020. Our invitation includes a fully funded plan for transport, meals and accommodation; veterans will travel to London courtesy of the National Rail Group on Thursday 7 May 2020 and return home on Sunday 10 May 2020.

    We encourage applications from all of those who contributed to victory in Europe 75 years ago, including spouses and civilians from reserved occupations across the UK and Commonwealth.

    Victory in Japan
    The Legion is therefore pleased to announce that in partnership with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) we will be funding the travel and accommodation costs for a series of tours for veterans of the Asia-Pacific campaign, as defined below, to key commemorative, and CWGC sites, across South and South East Asia.

    As part of this package travel and accommodation will also be provided for a nominated companion to accompany each veteran, and a comprehensive Legion care support package will be in place throughout the event programme to support veterans.

    This ambitious programme of activity has been developed with the kind support of a broad range of related UK veteran associations.
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    Looks like we will all have to pin our hopes on VJ Day and have a combined commemoration event. Fingers crossed.
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    Sadly, both the Cofepow and NFFWRA events have been cancelled in relation to VJDay 75. These two POW related organisations had hoped to hold their respective services at Lichfield Cathedral and St. Martin -in-the Fields Church. The nature of these venues has made it impossible to enable the social distancing requirements.

    The RBL and Burma Star Associations are still hoping to hold the main VJ Day commemorations art the National Arboretum in Staffordshire in some form or other.
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    The cancellation of the Victory in Europe shindig was inevitable but none the less very those who had been invited.

    Our thanks must surely go out to those who continue to write about those desperate times, despite the terrible conditions in which we find ourselves today.

    Best regards

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    I got this note a couple of weeks ago:

    "On Friday 8 May this year, the nation commemorated the 75th Anniversary of VE Day under challenging lockdown conditions and I am writing in the first instance to thank all of those that reacted so positively and at in such short notice to ensure that the service and sacrifice of the Second World War generation did not go unmarked within our communities. I also wanted to update you on preparations for the upcoming 75th Anniversary of VJ Day, as well as provide some sense of where we are in terms of planning for this year’s Remembrance Sunday ceremony.

    On the 15th August 2020, the nation will commemorate VJ 75 and the recent easing of HMG social distancing restrictions means that we are now able to develop plans for a formal event centred around the Act of Remembrance at 11am. This year’s commemoration will be broadcast on BBC One from the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire and will incorporate wreath-laying activity at several of the relevant memorials and artefacts linked to the WW2 campaign in South-East Asia.

    In consequence, this will allow for a wider attendance than would normally be the case under extant social distancing restrictions although regrettably, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to allow for mass attendance by members of the public.

    That evening on BBC One, there will be a second 90 minute broadcast based on a MoD-led commemorative programme from London.

    Whilst the war against Japan was truly Tri-Service, it is worthy of note that the Fourteenth Army in particular, was notable for being the most diverse fighting force raised in modern times with less than 20% of those involved in fighting originating in the British Isles.

    The coordinated effort of servicemen and women from over 40 countries very much reflected the diversity of the UK’s modern-day communities and organisations such as the Armed Forces and the Emergency Services and this theme will be integral to this year’s event programme.

    The Royal British Legion is therefore asking all organisations and associations, both military and civilian, that share our commitment to remembering the service, suffering and sacrifice of all those involved in that most challenging of environments to either lead or participate in local activity centred on the Two Minute Silence at 11am on Saturday 15th August. The Legion strongly urges all those planning events to adhere to extant HMG and Local Authority guidelines on social distancing and to shape their commemorations in whichever way is most meaningful to their local community.

    At this time of year, it would also be usual for the Legion to initiate proceedings in support of The Cenotaph Dispersal, the military veterans’ component of the traditional Remembrance Sunday ceremony on Whitehall. This year is the centenary of the unveiling of the iconic Whitehall war memorial, designed and built by Edwin Lutyens, and the Legion is working closely with all of the relevant HMG agencies to ensure that this year’s event can go ahead in some form.

    Mindful that mass events are not permitted under current restrictions, a range of representative options are under consideration by HMG; the Legion will provide the relevant details as soon as we are able. Similar restrictions will also apply to community based remembrance activity and direction for these will be promulgated by the appropriate civil authorities.

    Yours Aye,

    Bob Gamble OBE
    Assistant Director of Commemorative Events
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    Thanks for the extra info. I am aware that the BBC have been hard at work collecting stories and interviewing veterans for VJ Day.
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    The National Army Museum has a series of online talks on the campaigns in the Far East, with a focus on Burma. Free to register. See: VJ Day 75 | National Army Museum

    The link also has a link to the efforts by the RN Museum, CWGC and RAF Museum.
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    Something newish from the RBL:

    VJ Day
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    Finally, we now know that the RBL commemorations at the National Arboretum will go ahead, but with a reduced format and with less attendees than first envisaged. It is great that something significant will take place and that most of our Chindit vets will be in attendance.
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    Hi All,

    Please look out for our surviving veterans who will hopefully appear many times on national TV over the course of next Saturday (VJ Day 75). Coverage starts as early as 7.45am with the laying of wreath at our own memorial on the Victorian Embankment in London, with other events shown on various programs throughout the rest of the day. Enjoy.
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    The one in deal Kent is going ahead
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