"various ICDs at Kohima"

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by Skoyen89, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. Skoyen89

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    I have seen mention of ICDs at Kohima as contributing men to the defence of Kohima in April 1944. Does anyone know any more about these and where these would have been located prior to the battle. I am assuming ICD stands for 'Indian Convalescent Depot' but I could be wrong?
  2. Rothy

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    Hi Skoyen,

    I.C.D. does indeed stand for Indian Convalescent Depot.

    I have photos of some pages from the British official history and these include I.C.D.s only only for May 1945. I also have a single page (source lost) listing those in India in January 1945. There appears to be no mention of I.C.D.s in the Indian official history 'Campaigns in the Eastern Theatre'.

  3. Skoyen89

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    Thanks Rothy. I've not heard of ICDs in Kohima but maybe they were attached to 53 IGH? I'll keep looking.

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