US WW2 era uniform returning?

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by von Poop, Jul 5, 2017.

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    Not that it matters, but it would get my vote.

    That green sorta-dress crap they wear now looks like something the Air Force would be wearing. Very bus driver looking.
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    Excellent choice. Maybe now US troops can start looking like soldiers again instead of plastic action figures.
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    Fully agree!
    I used to travel to Ottawa several times a month and often stayed at a hotel quite near National Defence Headquarters. The personnel who spent their entire day in an office setting were mostly seen in the uniform shown below. It always seemed quite absurd to this civilian to see camo worn indoors. I did ask one group if they played hide n seek on their lunch hours. :)
    Seriously, always being dressed like you are on manoeuvres is not the most professional look the military could convey.

    3 cheers for the U.S. change.

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    I asked the question recently of some RAAF people as to why theye were wearing their blue camo patchwork romper suits in office and other non-operational environments. I also asked what exactly what background were they camouflaging with anyway , as it appeared more suited to nautical than land environments. Perhaps it was handy if they went sky-diving? All I got was bemused looks and "haven't a clue" responses.
    Anyone that has visited Australia will probably realise that any camouflage suited to the environment would be either variations of greens or reddy-browns.

    romper suits.jpg
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