Unknown Merchant Navy Casualty : 08/10/1942, buried Gerrans (St. Gerrans) Churchyard, Cornwall

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    I was looking at the CWGC graves in Gerrans, including J.C Gander then came across these posts online, really interesting. Does anybody know the history regarding the grave of the unknown sailor, Merchant Navy, 8th October, 1942 ? I've completed a search for Merchant Navy Ships lost in September & October 1942, but couldn't find anything.

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    Now edited (Is thread title correct? Should it be October?)

    According to CWGC there are 8 graves in St Gerrans - all with names and just two from WW2, Colin, have you anymore information on your sources?
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    Hi Colin,
    This kind of search is obviously very very difficult without knowing any more information. I presume the date 8th October is when he was found or interred and the body could have been in the sea for a long time. Bear in mind too that he may not have been lost from a sunken ship, it could have been an accident, fallen overboard...may also have been from an allied ship, who knows.


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    mea culpa
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    Presumed source from CWGC:
    Gerrans 1.jpg Gerrans 2.jpg
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