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    Schermafbeelding 2023-10-11 om 17.15.09.png Schermafbeelding 2023-10-11 om 17.11.38.png Schermafbeelding 2023-10-11 om 17.11.00.png Schermafbeelding 2023-10-11 om 17.09.15.png Found these photographs on the internet. I have made some partial screenshots because of the possible copyright. The pictures are taken in the Netherlands, possible in Veghel.

    Who know what Canadian units used the arms of service number 1001 (R.C.E.M.E.) and 1005 (R.C.A.M.C.)? And what is the insignia of the wolf, seen on the Harley Davidson motorcycle and captured German Kubelwagen.
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  2. Hi antoon,

    Could you post the links to the original pics?

    AoS 1005 also looks like a (C)REME unit. See this pic:
    [1005b] REME - PR2011.0001-5-3.jpg
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    The wolf or dog reminds me of a Light Aid Detachment war diary that I copied, which included its unit news letter. I will have to check if it matches or not.
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    See this link.
    Foto's - BHIC

    You will see a lot of pictures about the bevrijding (= Dutch for liberation) at the town of Veghel. You will find here and their pictures about the R.C.E.M.E. Must be taken later when Canadian troops deployed in the southern part of the Netherlands.
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    The first photo is here: Foto's - BHIC

    I looked through my archival documents but could not find the newsletter I remember, which is very frustrating. Liberation in this case was September 1944, so that rules out any of the Canadian troops later transferred from Italy...
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    The photo's on the BHIC site are mentioned under "bevrijding" (liberation), but of course must be taken later after the actual liberation in September 1944 by US and British troops.
    1005 is also R.C.E.M.E, but still the question, which unit is 1001 and 1005?

    . Schermafbeelding 2023-10-12 om 17.48.13.png

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    No immediate answers, but some possible context. Info from Barry Beldam whose Armoured Acorn site is offline but available via archive.org

    1 Cdn Army Jan 44
    1002 on black - 2 Cdn Recovery Coy
    1003 on black - 1 Cdn Army Troops Wksp

    1 Cdn Army Oct 45
    70 on blue/yellow/red HQ RCEME Cdn Army Troops
    1008 on blue/yellow/red 1 Cdn Servicing Unit
    1003 on blue/yellow/red 1 Cdn Army Troops Wksp
    73 on blue/yellow/red 4 Cdn Army Troops Wksp
    1006 on blue/yellow/red 3 Cdn General Troops Wksp

    Cdn General HQ Troops Oct 45
    1007 on blue/yellow/red 3 Cdn Recovery Coy
    1566 on blue/yellow/red 8 Cdn Heavy Recovery Section
    1567 on blue/yellow/red 9 Cdn Heavy Recovery Section
    1568 on blue/yellow/red 10 Cdn Light Recovery Section
    1569 on blue/yellow/red 11 10 Cdn Light Recovery Section
    1089 on blue/yellow/red 12 Cdn RH Evacuation Section

    3 Cdn Inf Div Oct 45
    1695 on blue/yellow/red 5 Armd Troops Wksp

    4 Cdn Amd Div Oct 45
    1562 on blue/yellow/red 4 Heavy Recovery Section

    Probably more usefully, a Google search for 'RCEME howling wolf' brings up these, indicating 2 Cdn Tank Troops Wksp supporting 1 Cdn Armoured Carrier Regt. Part of 79 Amd Div, so possibly outside Beldam's scope.

    Under the Sign of the... - Canadian Kangaroo Regiment Archive
    RCEME, odd mix of insignia. - British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum
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    1 CACR history doesn't seem to have much on 2 Cdn Tank Troops Workshop but does mention 10 vehicles of B Sqn moving back to them 11 Mar in Veghel for overhaul and refit following Veritable/Blockbuster.
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    Thank you very much for all the answers till now.

    Here another picture with the "howling wolf" Schermafbeelding 2023-10-14 om 13.23.22.png

    So twee problems solved. The insignia "howling wolf" and AoS number 1001 belongs to No. 2 Cdn Tank Troops Workshop R.C.E.M.E. and they were 1st Cdn Army troops.
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  10. Yes, great finds, and as befits Army troops, both 1001 and 1005 AoS signs had the white bar below.

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