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    hello Itdan, is 1422 a typo i.e. do you mean the year 1242 and the Battle of Lake Peipus?
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    No, not a typo, but a question of perspective:
    The Teutonic Knights finally lost their power with the Peace of Melnosee in 1422
    (That chronological analogy 1422 - 2022 had charm for me: I simply wanted to afford this subjectivity)
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    Two different aspects this time. One naval, the attack on Sevastapol, by an open source observer; the summary:
    Link: Why Ukraine’s Remarkable Attack On Sevastopol Will Go Down In History - Naval News

    Added: The Ukraine has struck the more distant port and naval base of Novorossiysk, with maritime drone(s) aka USV.
    See: Ukraine's Maritime Drone Strikes Again: Reports Indicate Attack On Novorossiysk - Naval News

    Then a video commentary (11m) by 'The Sun', yes them! It is on the taking of Kherson, by ex-UK Army captain Mike Martin, now an academic @ Kings College. Only partly listened to and it has footage alongside his comments.
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    It is nice to see the Russians having their asses handed back to them.
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    And already 1st T-54 sighted (origins unknown):
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    From RUSI, a Whitehall "think tank", has an open to all webinar next Wednesday 30/11/22, between 1600-1700hrs. Details:
    Register before 29/11 via:

    The general's slim bio: Mykhailo Zabrodskyi - Wikipedia
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    A long commentary, political, diplomatic and military by Prof. Lawrence Freedman: Is Russia losing?
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    That is not a T-54 but T-64BV. Turret is rotated backwards and it seems like all reactive armor is stripped from it. It is either Ukrainian or Separatist or captured and used by Russians, hard to tell as no markings are visible.
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    Looks like the good old BBC is trying to become an accomplice of the Kremlin - with a headline: "Putin tells Russian soldiers' mothers he shares their pain."

    Perhaps "Perverse Propaganda" would have been a better title.
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    I thought it was rather 'touching' VVP suggesting that rather than your son die of alcohol poisoning, it was better that he got blown away whilst invading his neighbour (or words to that effect). Just Beautiful.
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    Some funny stuff on Twatter about how the 'mothers' are actresses that have appeared in assorted Pooty Press pieces.
    Well, I say 'funny'....


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    Never thought that I would see the day when the highest ranking military leader in the United States strongly advises for diplomacy, while the highest ranking diplomat in the United States argues against it. We live in strange times.

    The New York Times headline reads: Top U.S. General Urges Diplomacy in Ukraine While Biden Advisers Resist
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    Dr Jack Watling, of RUSI, has a thread on twitter on the impact of winter. It opens with:
    It is available on: Thread by @Jack_Watling on Thread Reader App

    There are a good number of photos on Twitter of the winter front line @ Bakhmut, which many see as a reminder of the WW1 Western Front trenches, notably Passchendale.


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    They are a 100% CF from top to bottom and everyone in between.
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    Retired Australian General Mick Ryan's latest commentary on Twitter and available here: Thread by @WarintheFuture on Thread Reader App

    The theme is in bold:
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  19. Ramiles

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    Putin - 11. To the Brink - BBC Sounds

    In late 2021, Vladimir Putin emerges from his Covid-19 bunker with an even smaller inner circle, increasingly outlandish demands of NATO and the west, and an immense military build-up on the border of Ukraine. How did seclusion change his mindset? And how did the west misunderstand him so badly? To understand the Russian President and interpret his words and actions in those crucial weeks before the invasion, Jonny Dymond is joined by: Andrei Soldatov - Investigative journalist, specialist in Russia’s intelligence services, and author of ‘The Compatriots: The Russian Exiles Who Fought Against the Kremlin’ Sarah Rainsford - BBC Eastern Europe Correspondent and former Moscow Correspondent Sir Laurie Bristow - Former British diplomat and UK Ambassador to Russia, 2016-2020. Production coordinators: Helena Warwick-Cross and Siobhan Reed Sound engineer: Rod Farquhar Producer: Nathan Gower Researcher: Octavia Woodward Series Editor: Simon Watts

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