Trying to find out where my father was in Italy August 1944

Discussion in 'The Brigade of Guards' started by Dawn marron, May 29, 2017.

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    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and new to war research so forgive me if I ask obvious questions. I was just given my father's service record and it doesn't give much information so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Dad was in the 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guard, he was in Italy from 21.8.44 - 17.4.45. His record says he transferred to REME 19.12.44, it seems whilst he was still in Italy. Would he have stayed with his Coldstream Guard battalion? Thank you in advance :)
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    Hello Dawn, welcome aboard.

    If you are able to post your father's service records in this thread, that would help the experts here to perhaps glean more information for you. I know I was given a lot of help by them when I was stuck with some of the military abbreviations and acronyms on my father's record.

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    Helllo all, and thank you so much for your replies. I think I may not have explained myself clearly. I have the book about the CG so can track their whereabouts but what I wanted to know is, when dad transferred to REME would he have automatically stayed in support of his previous CG battalion? Or could he have been sent to support a different battalion altogether? There's no mention of it in his service record.
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    If you have the CG history you will know that 3rd Battalion CG returned to U.K. in early March 1945 and those personnel who did not return based on length of service overseas were transferred to 2nd CG and remained in Italy. I think members would be better able to answer your query if they had sight of his service papers.

    Steve Y

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