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    Just to let everyone know that I have brought out a new edition of my book True Loyals: A History of 7th Battalion, The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) / 92nd (Loyals) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1940-1946.

    The new edition is a revision of the existing book, containing several new pictures and chunks of text, plus quite a few corrections.

    The book itself is a fuller version of the True Loyals history that is here on WW2 Talk (Unit Histories) and on my website Home

    I incorporated into the book extensive interviews with veterans, greatly expanding the narrative on the websites. It also contains an account of the sinking of the Liberty Ship Sambut in the Channel on D-Day, which I believe is the most comprehensive yet compiled.

    The book is not a commercial venture and I published it mainly as a memento for 92nd LAA veterans and their families. But if anyone is interested in a copy, you can get it direct from the publishers, Countyvise, at Countyvise Limited or on Amazon.

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