TROQUEER CEMETERY, Dumfriesshire. Scotland.

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    Deacs Well i am from Cumbria.

    Troqueer Cemetery (formerly Troqueer Parish Churchyard and Troqueer New Burial Ground) contains 10 Commonwealth burials of the 1914-1918 war. There are a further 34 Commonwealth burials of the 1939-1945 war here, including 1 unidentified airman of the R.A.F., (buried in Sec. H. Extn. 2. Grave 115). Most burials are in a Service Plot but there are a few in other parts of the cemetery.

    There are also 18 Foreign National burials and 1 Non World War burial here.

    Troqueer Cemetery is in the town of Dumfries. It is south of the town centre, adjacent to the River Nith. Dumfries railway station is approximately one mile due north of it. The main entrance to the cemetery is on Gladstone Road which can be reached by turning south off the A756 (St Michael's Bridge Road) on to Troqueer Road. Gladstone Road is at a crossroads at the end of this road. Turn left into Gladstone Road and the cemetery entrance will be found just before the bank of the River Nith is reached. CEMETERY

    I didn't get any photos of the WW1 casualty's as I didn't have a lot of time so concentrated on getting as many of the WW2 casualty's as I could.
    Picture3.jpg Picture4.jpg Picture5.jpg Picture6.jpg Picture7.jpg Picture8.jpg Picture9.jpg Picture10.jpg Picture11.jpg Picture12.jpg Picture13.jpg Picture14.jpg Picture15.jpg Picture16.jpg Picture17.jpg Picture18.jpg Picture19.jpg Picture20.jpg Picture21.jpg Picture22.jpg Picture23.jpg Picture24.jpg Picture25.jpg Picture26.jpg Picture27.jpg Picture28.jpg Picture29.jpg Picture30.jpg Picture31.jpg Picture33.jpg Picture34.jpg Picture35.jpg Picture36.jpg Picture37.jpg Picture38.jpg Picture39.jpg Picture40.jpg Picture41.jpg Picture42.jpg Picture43.jpg Picture44.jpg Picture45.jpg Picture46.jpg Picture47.jpg Picture48.jpg Picture49.jpg Picture50.jpg Picture52.jpg Picture53.jpg Picture54.jpg Picture55.jpg Picture56.jpg Picture57.jpg Picture58.jpg Picture59.jpg
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    Interesting to note both German and Italian graves there, with their passing- for some - after VE-Day. Thanks.
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    Thanks for posting
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    An interesting well maintained cemetery.

    i would say possibility the largest number of German POWs left in their original resting place and not reinterred at Cannock Chase when the consolidated cemetery opened in the mid 1960s.
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