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    You have posted two copies of the marriage certificate and not a birth certificate.
  2. daisy1942

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    Here it is:

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    Thats a 1916 Marriage certificate


    In fact its not even the certificate its just the church record
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  4. daisy1942

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  5. High Wood

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    What is the significance of Thomas Burt's record card?

    Thomas Burt Death Certt.jpg
  6. daisy1942

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    After Dominic Cunningham Casey's mother died when he was about 7, Dominic went to live with his Aunt and Uncle James and Margaret Curran. Thomas was their son. He was killed on board the San Florentino in 1941.
    After Dad returned from Glasgow in the mid 1950s he said his Dad had died "about 2 years back" (John Patrick died in august 1952) and his cousin "many years ago". Thomas Burt was his cousin.
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    your multiple posts across the internet on various sites asking the same questions over the years appears to have thrown you down a well without a ladder
  8. High Wood

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    Do you have a copy of Dominic Michael Stringer's death certificate that you can post?
  9. daisy1942

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    That is not strictly true! When I first started tracing Dad's history all I had was a Glaswegian accent, two dates of birth, a story about twins and mother dead in childbirth and his escape from Singapore.
    The multiple questions on many websites have expanded our knowledge hugely!
  10. Guy Hudson

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    Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 22.33.56.png
    Is this the marriage record of Dominic Cunningham CASEY with the Royal Artillery reference?
    His age is listed as 18 in 1940, birth year 1922 ?
    The witness is James BURT, is this Thomas' father, adoptive parents of Dominic (you state he went to live with James and Mararet CURRAN)?
    What happened to his first wife Elizabeth SMITH?
  11. daisy1942

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    It might be the church record rather than a true certificate but it is still an official record.

    Here is his birth certificate

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  12. daisy1942

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    Yes it is his marriage certificate. James Burt was his mother's brother.

    When Dominic did not return to Glasgow after WW2, Elizabeth applied to have the marriage annulled on the presumption of Dominic's death.- see attached.

    According to my informant on the Casey family Elizabeth remarried and had two more children. Elizabeth died in a nursing home in Glasgow in May 2014

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  13. Guy Hudson

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    What was the outcome of that meeting, did you discover any new information?
  14. daisy1942

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    As yet we have been unable to arrange a meeting. Between family commitments on both sides and a distance of some 450 miles between us and the ages of all involved it is going to take time.
  15. High Wood

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    Now we are getting somewhere, thank you for posting these official documents. Can you also post Dominic Michael Stringer's death certificate and any official documents relating to his various sea voyages?
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    From a confused person. Who is John Patrick? The only Patrick I have seen is the father of Dominic Cunningham on his marriage certificate (1916). If you have the correct records and this is John Patrick then he is Dominic Stringer's grandfather (ie.your husband's great grandfather) not his father.

  17. daisy1942

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    My apologies Timuk,

    This family used and reused names to a confusing degree! John Patrick Casey (1888- 1952) Dominic's father, also named two of his children John Patrick; the first was a child was born 1911 and died 1912; then another was born 1914 and died in 1976.
    The family as a whole often used surnames as middle names and children were named for aunts, uncles and even other children who had died.
  18. CL1

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    The point was that you asked the same questions even though you had an answer or such.
    Anyway at least now you have given more info and one or two of our forum members are very dogged in their assistance.
    Me I'm just confused
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  19. daisy1942

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    The death certificate is evading my search on the computer. however here is ALL I have of his CRS 10 in transcript. I tried to upload the file but it is too large.

    Cardiff copied part of his CRS 10 and it shows DOMINIC MICHAEL STRINGER born 14.4.1919 EIRE Rating JUNIOR ENGINEER and nothing else. Under clothing it states "certified certificate of sea service from ....." rest illegible. The main entries on the ship's service section show:


    CANPOOLIN (11158) 8.5.44 transferred to special payments sck 28.5.44 Montreal

    SAMSPEED (180011) 20.6.44 SUEZ 21.7.44

    POOLIN (990) Cairo 30.7.44

    POOLIN 3,8,44

    Discharged from manning pool owing to refusal of duty

    FORT MASSAC 16.8.44

    TREVANION 12.10.44


    11.6.45 sick for repatriation

    Dominic Stringer, born c.1919, aged 26, arrived at Liverpool on the Monarch of Bermuda 10.7.1945. The ship was from Bombay but he and a few others who are either Navy or much more likely Merchant Navy, boarded at Port Said 'travelling on Conveyance orders.' He is recorded as Engineer with address
    given as c/o MN Pool, Liverpool
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    I'm right with you on that. I tried following the other huge thread but had to politely give up and wish the OP the best. In reading this latest 3 pages of info, at one point I started to believe it must all just be a massive prank..... surely nothing could be this complex or illogical?

    In the end, I have to accept the validity of the enquiry and whilst I'm as confused as you and maybe a bit fed up with the inanity of the thing, I still wish the OP good things and I'm genuinely left with now't but utter admiration for the forum members who make dogs-with-a-bone look like feckless layabouts......
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