Tracing the impossible?

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    Sorry Blutto now 1.30 am here wiil chwck/sort tomoeeow
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    It would also appear from what you have uploaded that Dominic's mother-in-law was Catherine, not Martha. Martha only signed a witness at their marriage.
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    Am afraid I must be missing something as I am more confused than ever, isn't that a marriage register entry for Dominic CUNNINGHAM and Mary CASEY? Who are they?
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    Lets start from square 1

    Firstly - your [father in law] husband, he is a known fact and one that we should hopefully be able to find documentary proof for
    Do you have his birth details
    Do you have his marriage details

    After that and using the details from those documents we can hopefully go one step further back in time. All the evidence/documents you have uploaded still do not provide and factual evidence [to me at least]

    There are several documents but I do not see any connections, I dont even know the name of your [father in law] husband, so I cannot make any connections

    Please, if you need our help, lets take this one step at a time and prove connections.

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    You left your webcam on, old chap.

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    Daisy just noticed - this should read

    Firstly - your [father in law] husband .................... as it is you father in law we are trying to trace

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    Right - we actually have a fact.

    From the marriage certificate we have a Dominic Cunningham, who married a Mary Casey on 15th May 1916 at St Aloyssius RC Church, Glasgow.
    The record shows him as 33 years old (so born 1883ish) and Mary is 31 (so born 1885ish), this record also tells us that Dominic was a Private in the 1st Batt North Staffs Regt

    Name: Dominic Cunningham
    Regiment or Corps: North Staffordshire (Prince of Wales's) Regiment
    Regimental Number: 24289

    This marriage record tells us that Dominics parents were Patrick & Helen Cunningham. It also tells us that Mary's parents were John (deceased) and Catherine Casey. We can also see that thw witness's for Mary were a John Patrick and Martha Casey [nee Burt b.1891 - d. 27 Dec 1929 from her death cert] and that Martha's father was Robert Burt

    UK, WWI Service Medal and Award Rolls, 1914-1920
    Name: Dominic Cunningham
    Military Year: 1914-1920
    Rank: Private
    Medal Awarded: British War Medal and Victory Medal
    Regiment or Corps: North Staffordshire (Prince of Wales's) Regiment
    Regimental Number: 24289
    Previous Units: 24289. 1/Gn. N. Staff. R. Pte.

    So Daisy this cannot be you father in law, as he was born in 1883 - it might be you grandfather in law

    I have also used the 'Cunningham' name with a mothers maiden name of Casey to see what that threw up and it provides a very interesting result in a family tree on Ancestry

    Martha Cunningham
    Father: Domnick Conaghan
    Mother: Mary Casey
    Birth: 1922 Glasgow Milton Lanarkshire Scotland
    Death: 1923 Glasgow Milton Lanarkshire Scotland

    If they are the same people as married in 1916 then they would beclose to 40 when they had this child which may be the reason she did not survive, but it also shows that you may need to concentrate your search in and around Glasgow and Scottish Records [which I have only limited access to]

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    Apologies folks!

    Between a change of laptops, a serious eye condition and a family that love using the same names generation after generation (or even two children of the same parents having very similar names) I made a mess of the documentation uploads.
    Also I have had information this morning that Dominic Cunningham Casey's daughter from his first marriage is alive and wants to make contact with her half brother - my husband. This solves the family angle I feel. I need to concentrate on Dad's war service now.

    thanks for the suggestions and help.
  10. Tricky Dicky

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    So what are the details of your husband - I am asking here for the third [and last time] so that we can work back from him

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    My apologies TD as I said in a different post I have a horrible eye condition and uploaded the wrong marriage cert last night
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    OK - you are not the only one that has medical problems

    You state above in blue
    "The witnesses here are Dominic Cunningham Casey's parents"
    "Mary is aunt to Dominic Cunningham Casey."

    But you have not provided any concrete proof of this information, you are expecting everyone to take your word that what you say is true, well I'm sorry it doesnt work that way.

    I have asked for details of your husband on several ocassions now, so members can start from a known point and work backwards, but that doesnt seem to be forthcoming. Following on from that if as it seems you cant be bothered to provide the answers to questions we pose then I cant be bothered to ask them anymore.

    Good luck with your search and hopefully one of the multitude of forums you are connected to, asking the same question, will come up trumps with the answer .

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    I reckon Hazel/Daisy's husband is Dominic L M Stringer. Marriage to Hazel Bridgeman in 1984, Merton, Surrey. Can't see much more about him. Perhaps others with subscription to site will find more.


    p.s. Hazel: Sorry to butt in on this thread with what I think is your husband's name (correct me if I'm wrong), but thought it might help others to help you.
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    Being blind in one eye and poor sight i the other does tend to make computer work difficult and reading hard too. I did apologise for the errors.
    As my husband is also Dominic Michael, like his father it does get hard to keep track when so many people ask questions. My husband was born 29 12 1943 in Barbados. His parents were Evelyn Genevieve Agard and Dominic Michael Stringer. They married in Bridgetown Barbados on 30 January 1943.
    Further my original post was requesting help with finding my father in law's war service, not in tracing the family. I am happy that the information I have posted about the various members of the family is accurate and for the most part i do have paper records to back it.
    I believed that as the website is called WW2talk the main thrust would be helping with WW2 research. Perhaps I am mistaken!
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    Hi Richard,

    No problem with "butting in". You are quite correct. Mike (Dominic Laurie Michael) and I married in 1984. As mike was born in Barbados, there was a time when we had a problem with his right to British citizenship. This is where my search started. As Mike's father was living under an assumed name and we did not know this until recently it has caused a huge number of problems.
    Mike's father had a chequered wartime career. His first marriage certificate (30/12/1940 Glasgow) stated he was a "Gunner RA now on active service". I have a copy of this. We have documentation showing the escape of Daisy from Singapore. The group on Daisy were transferred to P.10 at the mouth of the Djambi River. P.10 was under the command of Sub.Lt F.E.W. Lammert. We contacted him and sent him photographs of Dad and it was confirmed by phone and in writing that Dad was one of the men he rescued. After this group arrived at Emmerhaven, I cannot trace Dad, although others arrived in Perth on board Zandaam.
    In December,1942 Dad joined USED tug Delamar in Trinidad. Delamar was sent to Barbados for repair. There Dad met and married Mike's mother. We have envelopes addressed to him on board Delamar and later Wellandoc which was an Alcoa Steamship Company vessel. We do not know how Dad got from Emmerhaven to Trinidad.
    Later still Dad disappeared again and surfaced in Montreal Canada and joined a British Merchant Navy vessel Samspeed as an engineer. He remained on various Merchant Navy vessels until the end of the war and was repatriated back to the UK from Suez.
    I should love to be able to fill in the gaps in his wartime service and maybe one day I shall be able to do so. Currently my research papers on Dad fill a bookcase as much of the work was done before i had a computer.
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    You are not mistaken, however in order to obtain WW2 service records you do need a copy of the persons death certificate [this also normally confirms their birth date], hence the reason many members on here are happy to try and help and the need to ascertain all the credible information relevant to that particular person, thereby ensuring the information posted in correct and can be used for its purpose i.e. obtaining service records.

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    I agree. However, in this instance my original post I said "A breakthrough at Christmas showed me his birth name(Dominic Cunningham Casey not Dominic Michael Stringer as previously thought) and his wedding certificate. Here it states, "gunner RA now on War Service". I have tried RA records and they do not show either name."
    Then I added " I thought if there were lists of deserters I could research I might find a name that connects with his family." I did stated that I had tried the MOD without success.
    Perhaps I should have made clearer that I wanted to consult lists of servicemen who had deserted or went AWOL. After all, if Dad had changed his name once who knows how many times he changed it?
  18. Tricky Dicky

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    Perhaps you should have - problem being as below

    About UK, Military Deserters, 1812-1927
    This collection is comprised of lists of deserters from Her Majesty's Service, published in the UK Police Gazette between 1812 and 1927. Desertion was an extremely serious offence and those found guilty were subject to court martial and potentially a death sentence.
    The collection can be searched by:
    Birth year and location
    Publication date and location
    Military date and location
    Desertion date
    Event location
    Regimental number
    Military Corps

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    hank you TD. Another idea bites the dust! I shall have to think again
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    I think I need to add this link here for members who may come across this thread in the future


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