Today 79 years ago Speech by the Fuehrer

Discussion in 'The Third Reich' started by Lindele, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    In a speech to Wehrmacht Generals and other officers .A. H spoke about his intention to attack France and Britain asap.
  2. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA

    Hi Stefan,

    Any transcript of that speech available? I'd like to read it.
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  3. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    I doubt it, but I can check.

  4. Lindele

    Lindele formerly HA96

    Dave, all I can find on Wiki is in German Language what he bsically said. As soon as I want to change to English, Wiki wants a donation.
    Could you try Wiki for Speech by A. H. on 23 November 1939.
    If you get to it, may I have a copy? If that fails, I will do a rough translation.
  5. Harry Ree

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    I think that the declaration referred to was Directive No 8 and eventually followed Hitler's extraordinary speech to the Reichstag on October 6 1939 where he offered an olive branch to Great Britain and France by suggesting peace.His anti British Munich Burgerbraukeller speech followed as below.For obvious reasons, his breaking of agreements did not enhance his creditability and his word was not trustworthy and nothing came of it.Hitler was merely exercising a role,as he thought, as being diplomatic.

    A month later on the anniversary of the failed November 8 1923 Beer Hall Putche, Hitler declared his intention in the Munich Burgerbraukeller on November 8 1939 to give orders for a 5 year war which he declared would only end in the Reich being victorious.While the phony war staged,Hitler was making preparations for his fight for a European "new order" seeking an alliance with Mussolini.

    08 November 1939 - Adolf Hitler – speech at the Bürgerbräukeller

    History could have been different had Georg Elser attempt to assassinate Hitler at the Burgerbraukeller been successful on that November night......Hitler left early after his speech which had been scheduled earlier than originally planned.

    As it was,Hitler was enable to issue Directive No 8 to the Wehrmacht on November 20 1939. ....Further Preparations for an Attack in the West.
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