The Winston Specials: Troopships Via the Cape 1940-1943

Discussion in 'General' started by stubbsyswade, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. stubbsyswade

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    Does anyone have a copy of this book? Does the book list the units that were onboard? I think my Grandfather sailed on WS 4

  2. Andreas

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    There were actually two, WS4A and WS4B. No comprehensive list of units onboard.

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  3. timuk

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    Have you tried the War Diary for your Grandad's Regt?. In my Dad's case the ships are shown:

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  4. davidbfpo

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    Not my subject, but older threads have shown some soldiers have written / spoken of their stop in Durban, notably commenting on the hospitality shown by families. Might be worth a search with the unit in focus plus Durban?

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