The Wheatcroft Collection.

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  1. von Poop

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    I see they've begun work on a second Panther...
    Film of a 251's delivery too, freshly (and apparently very well) restored from France.

    Wonder where these Dora railgun Cartridges are coming from?
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    I see they've begun work on a second Panther...
    Film of a 251's delivery too, freshly (and apparently very well) restored from France.

    Wonder where these Dora railgun Cartridges are coming from?

    There was one Dora case stood on a pallet outside the large inert ammunition stall at Beltring/War and Peace this year. I asked about it but the guy behind the stall wasn't very helpful at all. I suppose it might have been a fake but it was obviously pallet-crushingly heavy.

  3. von Poop

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    Looking up who owned this beautifully complete M4a1 E8 Sherman named 'Barney II' that was at the Victory show:
    Go on... Guess...
    Bet you can't. :mellow:
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    Chatting about how the internet has changed the way we live with mollusc, he is still narked as he'd ordered part of a KT from Poland, he never got it.
    He's sure it ended up with someone else.

    Well if it wasn't for the internet I wouldn't sell any models for starters.
    And Mr bloody Wheatcroft wouldn't have stolen my....

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  5. von Poop

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    I see from that Shadock page on 'large parts':
    (Mollusc might spot his 'missing part' on there ;))
    That Mr Wheatcroft also seems to have the bulk of a Jagdpanzer IV/70 sat in his yard...
    Will it ever end?! Seems like with King Tiger, 2 Panthers, Pz IV's, talk of Tiger replicas etc. we're eventually going to see an accurate representation of an armoured Kampfgruppe parked up in Leicestershire... with the necesary allied gear to counter it.

    One more picture of the JgdPzr mantlet here:
    Display Jagdpanzer IV - Saukopf
  6. von Poop

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    More from HMVF,
    A brief interview with the man himself... not 2, but 3 Panthers (March/April completion for the first suggested), Terrapin underway, And an interest expressed in more German armoured cars. There seems to be a serious interest in a museum one day which I find very good news, particularly as he's local.
    Historic Military Vehicles Forum - Kevin Wheatcroft by Rick Whyte
  7. deadb_tch

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    Damn!!!!! or DAMN!!! or maybe D-A-M-N!!! PLZ, SOMEONE TELL ME: WHO IS THAT MAN??? WHO IS Kevin Wheatcroft? To Tell I am excited - to tell nothing. I AM GOD DAMN EXCITED. OR AMAZED. Anyway, plz, tell me: who is he, where is he, from where he got money for such HARD work etc.

    PS: my personal favourite is KING TIGER, YEAAAHH!!
  8. von Poop

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    He's the son of Tom Wheatcroft, A nottinghamshire builder who made it big with Donnington park racing circuit and East midlands airport. His father also owns the Donnington Grand Prix collection, which has to be one of the world's foremost collections of Grand Prix cars:
    Donington Park Online
    So restoration of vehicles and the money to go with it is something of a family theme. Look them up on the web and their names are intimately associated with significant restorations, even Donald Campbells Bluebird speedboat.

    If you find Mr Wheatcroft's collection interesting DB you may also like Jaques Littlefields Military Vehicle technology foundation in the states, another private collection put together by the efforts of one man:
    Military Vehicle Technology Foundation
    Jacques Littlefield Military Vehicle Collection. Page 1 of 3
    Jacques Littlefield Military Vehicle Museum: 6 January 2007

  9. von Poop

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    Some of the sites that always turned up when googling the Wheatcroft name (down to their involvement in restoration of Donald Campbell's boat) were relating to powerboats, well it seems they've bought an S-Boat!

    And a visit to the news section of their website also reveals that 2 Stugs and a Charioteer from that Finnish auction have found their way there, along with 2 more Shermans (a 105 included) and an M10.
    Wheatcroft Collection
    Lots more new stuff in the Hi-res galleries too. The Stugs are in more complete form than they looked from other photos, (I'd hope that at least one was restored to represent it's service with the Finns).

    Should the government be watching this corner of Leicestershire for fear of a small army (with fledgling navy!) being mobilised? :unsure:
  10. von Poop

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  11. mollusc

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    Kev had better'd pull his finger out on his Tiger 2, methinks the Swiss will beat him to it....


    Anyone got 5,000 CHF they can give me?
  12. levien

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  13. Buteman

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    Levien - Thanks for the reminder about the Museum at Overloon. They moved that collection not so long ago I believe. A load of the tanks were taken to Germany to be serviced by the British Army I believe.
  14. levien

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    That explains perhaps that they are all working. Well I never saw one really in action, actuall.
    There is also a reasonable amount of post war vehicles and former Warsaw Pact stuff.

  15. levien

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    By the way ... does anybody know what happenend with the vehicles that used to be in the Arlon (Belgium) museum?

  16. von Poop

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  17. levien

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    All the way to America. transport must have cost a fortune.

    Not so long ago I heard on my regional radio station, I think, that Jaap de Groot, want his collection back. he seems to have an argument with the Overloon Museum. Something about not taking good care of his "babies".

  18. Richard Harrison

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    liked his Mortar Carrier, nearly as nice as mine :)
  19. von Poop

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    Having switched Friendface back on for uncertain reasons, I've had a proper mooch through what's going on with the Wheatcroft Collection.
    They truly have broken cover on there.

    Dozens of vehicles being farmed out to various different restorers.
    Progress towards the museum seemingly barrelling on.

    Two King Tigers.
    Two Tigers.
    Four Hetzers.
    A Beaverette.
    Panzer III
    Panzer IV (possibly several? 4? )
    Four Panthers.
    Multiple M4s. (10 mentioned for restoration.)
    Merc 170 VKs/770K
    A Panzer I (!)
    Elefant (!?)
    Hotchkiss H39
    Stuka (WTF... thoughts of two 'into flying condition'...)
    Another FAMO.
    Terrapin talk.
    Etc. Etc.

    Very much worth a pick through:
    The Wheatcroft Collection
  20. von Poop

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    Devon Dry Dock purchased to 'birth three historic boats'.
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