The Unwanted St. MS st. Louis 1939

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    Not sure this story was posted before.

    Tonight on German TV, this German/Polish documentation of 937 Jews escaping the gas chambers in Germany tried to reach Cuba. But there visa were false.
    Cuba did not want them, the US and Canada did not want them. So the MS St. Louis had to return to Germany.
    The German captain Gustav Schroeder tried to negotiate with all, and eventually the journey ended on the coast of The Netherlands, almost all surviving passage rs were eventually taken by UK, France, Belgium and The Netherlands.
    I hope I remembered the story well. Unfortunately,this excellent and very emotional documentation is not available in in English. Only a few scenes are in English with German subtitles.according to ARD, no English version is planned. For the original, see the the Mediathek.
    Captain Schroeder, a very brave man, passed away in 1959 in Hamburg RIP Gustav

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