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    Hi all,

    I'm afraid this seems a little like advertising my blog here, so let me at least try to write an introductory and hopefully informative post.

    The Skink was a prototype AA vehicle created by the Canadians based on the Grizzly chassis, with a new, fully cast turret which housed four 20mm cannon. Due to the near-elimination of the Luftwaffe, the project was cancelled, but one Skink toured Canadian units in early 1945 and was used to good effect as an anti-personnel vehicle. Its cannons fired high explosive incendiary ammunition, which was able to set fire to wooden cover such as barns from which stubborn Germany infantry were fighting.

    On an earlier trip to the Canadian archives I came across some photos of the Skink, and on this visit I found two evaluation documents talking about the use of the 20mm cannon and the Skink. I know there is also a Service Publication pamphlet on the Skink vehicle, and I assume the author included these in his research.



    The Skink

    The Skink, part 2
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    I'm impressed, I'd take it.
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