The Ghost of "Broadmoor"

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    I thought this an interesting little anecdote as posted by brithm on his Twitter feed. I can't imagine who it would be? We've attempted to identify many a Para over the years, but never one who returned in ghostly form ... :)

    The Ghost of Broadmoor.jpg

    The only point I would take issue with is the location of "Broadmoor". I went looking for the building and settled on Brigmerston House not far away from Syrencot House itself. I haven't been able to find a picture of the building as it's well off the road and surrounded by trees. A quote from Will Fowler's book, Pegasus Bridge:

    "Air photo-reconnaissance, as well as information from the Resistance, was collated at the 6th Airborne Division Headquarters at Brigmerston House on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, codenamed ‘Broadmoor’ and better known to the soldiers simply as ‘the Mad House’ – after the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital. The Allied planners had a wealth of detail, and the map of the area, which, like all D-Day documents, was given a new super-secret classification, ‘Bigot’, showed the bridge and its defences and those of other enemy positions in the vicinity. Those officers who were cleared to study this material were designated as ‘Bigoted’."

    Airborne Houses D-Day.JPG

    Hopefully I have the right building .... ?

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