The Face on the Commando Memorial (but nobody told him)

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    Jack Lewington 'A' Troop 4 Commando 1944 & 'Jack' Commando Memorial Spean Bridge
    © Commando Veterans Archive & Owen

    An old soldier with the Commandos at Achnacarry has come "face to face with himself" at the world famous Commando Memorial at nearby Spean Bridge.
    When Gunner Jack Lewington (75), from Didcot, Oxfordshire, gazed at the 17-foot high memorial, which features three sculptured figures of Commandos in battledress, he found he was looking at his own image.
    The central figure, cast in bronze, is modelled on Jack, capturing his chiselled, craggy features and tall frame..

    "Towards the end of the war, I was stationed at Winchester Barracks." Jack recalls.
    "The R.S.M. detailed three of us to report to the gymnasium. So Jock More, Taff Jones and I arrived there to find a civilian photographer waiting for us.
    "We were in full kit and felt a bit ridiculous when we were ordered to jump up on a table."
    The trio were photographed from all angles.
    "In 1952, I remember seeing pictures in the papers of the Commando Memorialunveiled at Spean Bridge by the Queen Mother,
    "I also read that the monument had been designed by Scott Sutherland, an art teacher at Dundee College." says Jack.
    But not until 40 years on did Jack discover what the army photo session had really been about.
    "When I visited the memorial last week I was absolutely flabbergasted.
    "The central figure on the monument, the one with the tommy gun, is ME. And there's Jock More on my left and Taff Jones on my right.
    "Ex-Commando or not, I shed a tear, I can tell you."
    Now Jack, a retired police sergeant, wants to contact More and Jones, he hasn't heard from either for 45 years.
    "It's a strange feeling seeing yourself up on a plinth so near our training ground. I wonder what the other two made of it all?
    "In fact I wonder if they ever knew it's them?"

    The Sunday Post 18th Novmber 1990

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    Jack Lewington in 1990
    LEWINGTON Memorial.jpg
    Jack front & centre, Commando Memorial Spean Bridge
    © Owen
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