The Duke of Edinburgh's Wiltshire Regiment DCM Citations

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    Awarded a DCM.


    On 5th October 1944 Sergeant Eyers was in command of Forward Platoon North of Elst. During the previous night considerable enemy infiltration had taken place behind his platoon. Two attempts to clear this up by another platoon had failed owing to heavy MG fire from several directions. A third attempt was made and Sergeant Eyers rushed forward under enemy MG fire and silenced the nearest MG post with a grenade and Sten. Shouting to two of his section to follow him, he led them in a bayonet charge. This assault completely over ran the next enemy post and as the enemy were concentrated in a small area the platoon got well into the enemy positions. By his dash and daring the enemy were completely surprised and demoralised to such an extent that in this action 97 PW's were taken by Sergeant Eyres and nine men. The success of the attack was entirely due to the outstanding courage and personal dash of Sergeant Eyres, and by his leadership and example he inspired his men to clear up a nasty situation.

    Gazetted 1.3.45

    From Owen:

    Awarded his MM for rescuing & tending the wounded during the fighting at Maltot, Normandy in July 1944.

    A few days after his DCM action he was wounded by shrapnel & lost an eye.

    As well as that DCM he was also awarded a Commission in the field.
    He died in 2002.

    Source Martin McIntyre The Wiltshire Regiment 1914-1959
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    Awarded DCM.

    West of Solarino on 12th July 1943, 'C' Company were advancing to capture and consolidate a position between two wadis. The advance was carried out across open fields under heavy MG and Mortar fire. During this advance the Platoon Commander of the leading platoon was wounded and his two leading Section Commanders were killed. Corporal Harmer was commanding a section of the following platoon. He appreciated the situation and led his section into a position from which he could give covering fire to the leading platoon. He then went forward to the leading platoon and taking command, led them to a position under cover from which the enemy could be engaged and later destroyed. He then himself went forward three times into open field under heavy MG and Mortar fire to bring in two wounded comrades and one LMG.

    It was Corporal Hamer's swift action and courageous leadership which extricated the remnants of the leading platoon from an extremely unfavourable position and enabled the advance to continue.

    Corporal Hamer was later wounded in action. Corporal Hamer showed a complete disregard of his personal safety and gave an outstanding display of gallantry which inspired all who saw him.

    Gazetted 18.11.43
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    Awarded DCM.

    No citation listed. (edit by owen see post #11)

    Gazetted 27.8.40
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    Awarded DCM.

    On 23rd May 1940 his company was on the bank of the River Scarpe in front of Reux. During the night the village was subjected to considerable artillery bombardment for some hours. Private Dyer, although the only man left in his section position, which was crushed by shell fire, was still holding it by himself. He collected men from other positions and formed a section which continued to hold on under considerable fire. Later, when the enemy reached a wood on his flank, he patrolled into it with his section, and acting under orders, held another position to cover this wood, which although in the open and under shell fire, he held.

    On 25th May 1940, when his company went forward over the River Scarpe, although most of his platoon became casualties, he brought a report of the situation over open country under heavy shell and machine gun fire to the Comapny Commander.

    He showed similiar bravery when his company occupied a position at Wambeke near the Ypres-Comines Canal.

    Gazetted 22.10.40
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    Awarded DCM.

    Since killed in action. :poppy:

    This NCO commanded a section of 'A' Company holding the Point 201 feature (8096). On 20th January 1944 the enemy attacked this feature and this NCO's section was attacked from three sides. He fought his section until all except himself were killed or wounded. He personaly rushed the enemy killing five of them with his Thompson SMG and scattering the remainder, before withdrawing to his alternative position.

    This NCO's bravery, coolness and devotion to duty are beyond all praise and his leadership and personal example were an inspiration to all aound him.

    Gazetted 29.6.44
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    He was killed two days later.
    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Nationality:United Kingdom
    Regiment/Service:Wiltshire Regiment
    Unit Text:2nd Bn.
    Date of Death:22/01/1944
    Service No:5572085
    Awards D C M
    Additional information:Son of James and Beatrice Annie Lush, of Wallop, Hampshire.
    Casualty Type:Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference:VII, J, 13.

    2 Wilts War Diary says for 20-1-44
    16.00 Pt 201 counter-attacked . Forward Platoon dislodged but Reserve Platoon counter-attacked with the bayonet and enemy were driven off.
    P.O.W.s taken.
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    Regards Harmer's DCM, the war diary has this for 11th July, which fits the citation more so than the 12th.

    Report from C Coy that in moving fwd to improve their position they had come on a strong Italian opposition.
    C Coy extracted themselves but were unable to get back some wounded until after dark
    They suffered the following casualties :-
    1 Officer wounded . 3 ORs Missing Presumed killed. 8 ORs Wounded.

    Geoff's Search Engine gives these three for 11th July 1943.
    001 BEDFORD JH 5679164 2ND BN 11/07/1943 WILTSHIRE REGIMENT
    002 PERRY SGH 5568050 2ND BN 11/07/1943 WILTSHIRE REGIMENT
    003 THOMPSON IG 5673639 2ND BN 11/07/1943 WILTSHIRE REGIMENT

    Bedford & Perry both being Corporals fits with citation.
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    Awarded DCM.

    Middle East.

    No Citation listed.
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    This WO was CSM of 'D' Company, who, on the night 1/2 October 1944 were occupying a defensive position North of Elst. During this night the enemy put in a Battalion attack against his Company. All four Officers of the Company were wounded and an additional Officer was sent from another Company was also wounded. CSM Jones then took command of the Company and rallied them, despite the fact that considerable enemy infiltration had taken place and that the position was under direct fire from an enemy tank. As a result of this WO's leadership and personal courage the enemy were eventually driven off and suffered very heavy losses, and 'D' Company retained a firm hold on their defensive position.

    Gazetted 1.3.45
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    Awarded DCM.

    No citation listed.

    Gazetted 27.8.40
    Saw a guest viewing this thread so thought I'd look this one up.
    edit: just noticed it is actualy a recommendation for MM , no mention on there for DCM.

    Name Brann, Curtis
    Rank: Platoon Serjeant Major
    Service No: 23759
    Regiment: 2 Battalion The Wiltshire Regiment
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: British Expeditionary Force 1939-40
    Award: Distinguished Conduct Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 27 August 1940

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    Hi Drew. Thanks for posting this - Lawrence was my grandmother's brother :)
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    2 WILTS were part of 13 Infantry Brigade who were themselves in 5 Infantry Division. The Division was involved in the crossing of the Garigliano on the night of 17-18 Jan 44, a crossing that required them to seize the high ground of the Minturno-Tufo Ridge on the far bank. Cleared of Germans, the Allies could then bring up engineers for the armour and stores that needed to get across. That would allow them to press on towards Rome.

    The 5 Infantry Division attack was largely successful and most of the Minturno-Tufo Ridge was cleared but the Germans still held the back end to the north - which they never lost until 11-12 May 44. From here, they launched a series of brutal counter attacks using reserves sent down especially from Rome. It was in one of these counter attacks that it is likely that Pte Lush was killed on 20 Jan 44.



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