The Defence of Hondeghem by K Bty 5 RHA

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    4.5 Howitzers(Field artillery) had been in service since the First World War. 4.5 Guns (Medium Artillery, similar to the 5.5 but with longer barrel) were the ones, I guess, that came in 1942.

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    Hi Guys I have just restored an 18 pdr Mk2P used by K Bty need to confirm what Tractors and Limbers they were issued and the Vehicle Markings that they had?
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    Hi I am just posting the War Diaries of K Battery and L/Bdr. McVeigh. E. from E Troop is mention in them for 1940 as Missing, later reported as Killed. You can view the diaries via this link

    E Troop were no directly involved in the Hondeghem action, but were rather deployed in an Anti-Tack role north of Cassel, as individual sub-sections and later two of them were attached to 140 Field Regiment RA
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    The war diaries do mention Quads quite a few times for towing the guns.
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    According to Derek Barton' old website the AoS was 9 with Corps White Bar above.
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    Hello all,

    It’s been fascinating reading all of the shared information on here about this battle.

    Although I realise this thread dates back a number of years, I wondered if anybody on here could help me locate the exact (or as close as possible) location for J sub-section. I believe from what I’ve gleaned that my Great Uncle Reginald Manning fought from there and I’d love to visit Hondeghem and be able to stand in his footprints if it is even possible.

    I’ve been comparing maps to google earth but can’t seem to match them up well enough to be certain. If somebody on here uses the app “what3words” and could give me a location I’d be extremely grateful.

    Thank you.
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    Apologies if this has been discussed before but I wonder if this was the Quad and sadly crew that was ' blown to pieces ' by a German tank as described in the Daily Telegraph report on the action at St. Sylvestre.
    I had a look on google street view to try to match buildings around St.Sylvestre church , found one very similar on D916 near church but not the same . Maybe similar buildings were around at time, many now seem new . $_57.JPG 2022-02-22 (2).png
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    I know this is probably much too late now, but here is the up to date information. The AoS was 10 not 9. At the time I presumed that being RHA, 5th would be the senior regiment in the Corps and would therefore carry 9. Andrew Foulkes excellent book "Vehicle Markings of the BEF has put me right. The tractors as far as I know were Guy Quad Ant's.

    See the updated pages on my site - 3 Corps BEF 1940 and 5 RHA.

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    Thanks for the update. Alas Keith has not logged on since November 2019.

    My question / comment in Post 107 still stands: I did see references to a gun restoration project when looking at . Minus any details on Facebook sites. So, unclear which gun is being restored from the action: the captured German MG? Or is it Keith's 18 Pounder that is mentioned? Ah well I will drop Keith a PM.
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