The Defence of Hondeghem by K Bty 5 RHA

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    4.5 Howitzers(Field artillery) had been in service since the First World War. 4.5 Guns (Medium Artillery, similar to the 5.5 but with longer barrel) were the ones, I guess, that came in 1942.

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    Hi Guys I have just restored an 18 pdr Mk2P used by K Bty need to confirm what Tractors and Limbers they were issued and the Vehicle Markings that they had?
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    Hi I am just posting the War Diaries of K Battery and L/Bdr. McVeigh. E. from E Troop is mention in them for 1940 as Missing, later reported as Killed. You can view the diaries via this link

    E Troop were no directly involved in the Hondeghem action, but were rather deployed in an Anti-Tack role north of Cassel, as individual sub-sections and later two of them were attached to 140 Field Regiment RA
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    The war diaries do mention Quads quite a few times for towing the guns.
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    According to Derek Barton' old website the AoS was 9 with Corps White Bar above.

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