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    This website fascinates me. They gathered a database of 3 million Jews that died during the Holocaust. Their objective is to get to 6 million, I doubt it that they will achieve this.

    Maybe it's a little morbid, I keep browsing through the names from the database.

    An example:

    "Lajos Bodnar was born in New York in 1888 to Mor and Roza nee Weisz. He was married to Iren. Prior to WWII he lived in Debrecen, Hungary. Lajos perished in 1944 in Auschwitz, Camp at the age of 58."

    I guess he was an American Jew who moved back to Europe..? He is Hungarian by name.

    Interestingly, the database also contains the name of Jewish soldiers who died in combat. Are they also part of the Holocaust?
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    "Carol Lustig was born in Cluj in 1930 to Edmund and Iolanda. He was a child. Prior to WWII he lived in Cluj, Romania. During the war he was in Cluj, Ghetto. Carol perished in 1944 in Auschwitz, Camp."

    This child was from the city I live in, Cluj-Napoca. I know where the ghetto was, it's a neighborhood form here.
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    Cheers for that.
    I did once ask was there a place where if you knew a name could you look it up , looks like you found it for me.
  4. Owen

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    Why can't I find Anne Frank ?
    I didn't use he full name.
    Annelies Marie Frank
    Ah found.!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_FL/.cmd/acd/.ar/sa.portlet.FromDetailsSubmitAction/.c/6_0_9D/.ce/7_0_V9/.p/5_0_P1/.d/1?related_key=&DTsearchQuery=&todo=2&images=%5B%2Fleading_folder%2Fnetherlands.jpg%5D&imagedescs=%5B%2Fleading_folder%2Fnetherlands.jpg%5D&itemid=4236847&q1=IzNBieo8E%2BA%3D&q2=rhCojBkeV7PM3g9dL4xR0c5%2FUOXA7h9B&q3=M%2BH3wXtFf7I%3D&q4=M%2BH3wXtFf7I%3D&q5=Ava4BBeprfE%3D&q6=y%2FJWyuVMQa8%3D&q7=WB%2FndMlnwb%2BhEtgXbzTvbLVonboPBZtB&npage=&zoomdesc=&victim_details_name=+Frank+Annelies&fromSearch=yes&victim_details_id=4236847&imagenum=0&searchfor=0!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_FL/.cmd/acd/.ar/sa.portlet.FromDetailsSubmitAction/.c/6_0_9D/.ce/7_0_V9/.p/5_0_P1/.d/1?related_key=&DTsearchQuery=&todo=2&images=%5B%2F17031939_189_4649%2F76.jpg%2C+%2FHall+Of+Names%2F4649%2F1242834_2.JPG%2C+%2FHall+Of+Names%2F4649%2F1242834_3.JPG%2C+%2FHall+Of+Names%2F4649%2F1242834_4.JPG%5D&imagedescs=%5B%2F17031939_189_4649%2F76.jpg%2C+%2FHall+Of+Names%2F4649%2F1242834_2.JPG%2C+%2FHall+Of+Names%2F4649%2F1242834_3.JPG%2C+%2FHall+Of+Names%2F4649%2F1242834_4.JPG%5D&itemid=1242834&q1=IzNBieo8E%2BA%3D&q2=rhCojBkeV7MWxAgnxuIrDJV4fPpxzIif&q3=M%2BH3wXtFf7I%3D&q4=M%2BH3wXtFf7I%3D&q5=Ava4BBeprfE%3D&q6=y%2FJWyuVMQa8%3D&q7=WB%2FndMlnwb%2BhEtgXbzTvbLVonboPBZtB&npage=&zoomdesc=&victim_details_name=+Frank+Anne&fromSearch=yes&victim_details_id=1242834&imagenum=0&searchfor=0
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    A similar database shows us what happened to the Dutch Jews. For the English text version of the website...

    Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands

    For example: 125,968 Jewish people lived in Amsterdam in 1941...

    Digitaal Monument Joodse Gemeenschap in Nederland - Amsterdam

    If we click the family on top of that page...

    Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands - Barend Kahn and his family

    ...we find the faith of Barend Kahn and his family. Barend and Marrigje Kahn and their daughter Henrietta were all gassed in Auschwitz on the day of arrival, 5 November 1942. Their son Levie was "allowed" to work himself to death in Natzweiler concentration camp...
    This person or this family owned a bakery, address: Rapenburgerstraat 63 in Amsterdam.

    Barend Kahn
    Hoogeveen, 25 November 1885
    Auschwitz, 5 November 1942
    Head of family

    Marrigje Kahn-Meijer
    Geldermalsen, 7 January 1901
    Auschwitz, 5 November 1942

    Levie Kahn
    Brunssum, 25 May 1922
    Natzweiler, 19 August 1943

    Henrietta Kahn
    Sittard, 18 July 1924
    Auschwitz, 5 November 1942
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    I am no stranger to the use of the Central Database of Shoah Victim Names.

    My uncle, Herschel Goldstein (my father's brother) had the misfortune to be living in Warsaw when the Nazis invaded Poland and my family last heard from him in 1940.

    He and most of his family perished in the Holocaust as a search for the following names will reveal.

    Danowski, Shea
    Danowski, Esther
    Danowski, Abraham
    Danowski, Isaac
    Danowski, Max
    Goldstein, Hersch(el) My uncle
    Goldstein, Mordechai

    My family tree consists of 16 pages of A4 selo-taped together.

    The screen-dump below shows only four of these pages and the two pages on the extreme left have many individuals marked with the simple word "Holocaust"

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    Very interesting entry.

    Leon Waldman was born in Chicago to Benjamin. He was a pilot and married to Selma. Prior to WWII he lived in Chicago, United States. During the war he was in Army, United States. Leon perished in 1945 in the Shoah at the age of 23.

    In the page of testimony this is written: "Flew partisans from Italy to Yugoslavia", "Lost in action: January 10, 1945".!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_FL/.cmd/acd/.ar/sa.portlet.VictimDetailsSubmitAction/.c/6_0_9D/.ce/7_0_V9/.p/5_0_P1?victim_details_id=1814886&victim_details_name=Waldman+Leon&q1=8CzfusiCoO4%3D&q2=kd%2B%2BQLRO%2FRETmfcsFhsom%2F966HA1fkiN&q3=HK2mZHkDDZ8%3D&q4=HK2mZHkDDZ8%3D&q5=WE4kf2eHXsw%3D&q6=GtqxNvD3Z1s%3D&q7=Vcxm6arWqfqoqhScdataCG2qCistv3w%2B&frm1_npage=2

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