"Tank Hunting Platoons": 1st & 2nd Bns Grenadier Guards; August 1940 - look up pls

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    August 1940 the "Tank Hunting Platoons" of both the 1st & 2nd Battalions of the Grenadier Guards were attached to Auxiliary Units at Coleshill as the demonstration platoon. How many men in that platoon and what vehicles did they have?

    Are they mentioned in the August 1940 War Diaries?.
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    I have seen something somewhere on their disbandment. From memory, they were issued bikes, molotov cocktails and a tommy gun, or maybe a couple. Not exactly high tech.
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    In August 1940 the Tank hunting platoons of the 1at & 2nd battalions GG became the Demo platoon attached to Auxiliary Units. they operated alternate weeks beginning with the 2nd bn on 20th August. They did their own training during the week and worked with Aux .Units at week end.

    can anyone check the war diaries for August and September 1940 and tell me if this duty is recorded?

    What was the make-up of a Tank hunting platoons?

    Thank you

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    This varies markedly.

    Tank Hunting Platoons appear after the 1940 Campaign as Home Forces gear up to resist any coming invasion. Since Anti-Tank Guns were at a serious premium TH Platoons emerge to... well... do the job that must be done, by whatever means necessary. This will vary Bn to Bn, Div to Div etc, Command to Command as the kit and manpower levels all fluctuate - and this was very much a temporary measure.

    Some Brigade Anti-Tank Companies eventually gained Bedford OXA 'Ironsides' uparmoured Bedford lorries and really functioned as mechanised infantry.
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    Not much help but some references to 1 IG:

    War Diary: 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS, September 1939 - July 1944
    2/Lieutenant D.M. KENNEDY - Officer in charge Tank Hunting Platoon

    War Diary: 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS, September 1939 - July 1944
    1940 July 23
    Cadre Course commences.
    30 civilian motor cycles arrived.
    2/Lieutenant D.M. KENNEDY, Tank Hunting Platoon to BISLEY.

    War Diary: 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS, September 1939 - July 1944
    ANTI-TANK ACTION Demonstration.

    Monday, 15th September, 1941
    Tuesday, 16th September, 1941

    A demonstration of Ant-Tank Action on principles laid down by the BRIGADE Commander was arranged by Major C.A. MONTAGU-DOUGLAS-SCOTT and executed by No. 3 Company, under the command of Captain D. MILLS-ROBERTS, assisted by 2 Platoons from No. 4 Company.

    The enemy were represented by 2 Platoons from No. 1 Company and a troop of Infantry Tanks under the command of Lieutenant LOVICK, of the 45th ROYAL TANK REGIMENT.

    A rehearsal was carried out on Monday before the remainder of the Battalion, and the actual demonstration took place on Tuesday. It was given twice and was attended in the morning by the G.O.C. LONDON District.

    About 160 Officers and N.C.O.s saw the demonstration, which consisted of an explanatory address by the BRIGADE Commander, tours round the ambushes and positions conducted in syndicates by Officers of the Battalion, Anti-Tank Action of two Companies on parallel roads each against 3 tanks and finally a practical demonstration of Anti-Tank weapons arranged by Captain D.M. KENNEDY.

    Gratifying realism was obtained by the extensive use of training grenades of all sorts, and smoke bombs, and by the mining and blowing up of a culvert.

    From Major D.M. (John) Kennedy M.C., A Tribute; Robert Jocelyn, pgs 62-3:
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    Is anyone able to look-up the War Diary for 1st & 2nd Bns Grenadier Guards for months of August & September 1940.

    I have a document that states that the Tank Hunting Platoons of both Battalions were to become the demonstration platoon of Auxiliary Units the secret British Resistance which was to be established on the Colshill Estate..

    They were to operate on alternate weekends starting with the 2nd Bn on August. 20th, the day that the new
    Aux Units began to set up the training camp. Coleshill House (built in 1650) became the GHQ.

    I am looking for any mention of the Platoon being sent to Coleshill.

    Which Company had the "Tank Hunting Platoon" in it?

    Thank you
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    Which Company did a tank hunting platoon belong to?

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