Tank casualty log 8 Apr - 28 Apr 1945

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    is there any access to the tanks casualty logs for the days 8 - 28 April 1945?

    I only found some excerpts but not the original log files. Reason: The 2. Marineinfanteriedivision claimed 21 British tanks to be destroyed during the battles at Weser and Aller and the way to the Elbe.

    It is regarding following units:
    Guards Division
    53rd Div
    11th Armd Div
    7th Armd Div

    That are alll units which fought against the 2. MID.

    To be honest, I don´t know the number of tank knocked out in these days, but the IWM didn´t answered to my mails.

    I am very thankful for every help.


    My bet is the Germany counted every tank which stopped moving after shot at and most of all tanks hit were either still functional or could be repaired.
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    The only time I've seen that sort of information is in the various Regimental War Diaries and even they are only (often inaccurate) so-called vehicle returns. Hopefully someone else will be able to provide more concise information.
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    Thank you, a lot of read.
    I will start this evening :rolleyes:
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    From the 23rd Hussars War Diary:

    Apr 9
    1 x 15-cwt half tracked International Truck and 1 x Comet tank destroyed by enemy action.

    Apr 15
    1 x Sherman Tank V (Bulldozer) left for recovery, notified backloaded to 3rd Echelon 19th April, 1945.

    Apr 17
    1 x Comet tank destroyed by enemy action. 3 x Comet tanks left for recovery.
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