Swordfish Beach Landing Maps

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  1. Keatley

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    New to the forum.
    Could anyone confirm that the attached photographic maps would have been used at the D Day landings?
    Could anyone provide any details on who would have used them?
    The quality of the scans are great I'm afraid. The maps are rolled up and a bit torn.
    Many thanks

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  2. Keatley

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    Of course that should have been Sword Beach :(
  3. Lotus7

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    Hi and welcome to the forum, good luck with your research.
    Very interesting maps, my Father landed on Sword Beach Queens Sector on D+1. I do not know if he would have used them.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Trux

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    Very interesting Paul.

    They are annotated air photographs of Sword Beach. The oblique strips were issued to landing craft crews etc to enable them to identify their intended landing place. There were not many readily recognisable features on this stretch of coast and it was not easy to identify features from miles out at sea in rough weather.

    The photo mosaic at the bottom clearly shows the landing beaches on Sword. The Cod strongpoint is clearly shown and the vertical lines at the bottom seem to correspond with the initial beach exits.

    I have only seen poor photocopies of these until now.


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