Sword beach Lanes roads and gaps

Discussion in 'NW Europe' started by azl31, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. azl31

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    Recently I tried to locate on Google Earth the various lanes, roads and gaps for the DDAY on sword beach.

    I shall like having the notices of the various members of the forum interested in this subject.

    Sword beach Lanes capture 01.JPG Sword beach Lanes capture 02.JPG Sword beach Lanes capture 03.JPG Correction and additions are welcome.

  2. azl31

    azl31 Member

    I have also tried to locate the landing spots of each teams of the 5th ARRE of the 79th AD...
  3. idler

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    There are some terribly detailed threads on here about the actual landings. Try searching for 'sword' with the member names DannyM or Michel Sabarly.
  4. azl31

    azl31 Member

    Yes I already read them carefully and many others books or articles and I just wanted to try to position them as exactly as possible on a google earth ...

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