Swiper's 53rd Welsh Division Collection

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    Robin, many thanks for the very kind words. The collection has expanded a great deal since when I first made this, including a large amount of one off publications, digitally recorded accounts, and the generous donations of several large research files from other historians.

    The first link is my old site actually! 160 Brigade does still exist but has been repeatedly rebranded (how it survived the recent Budget when it was slated to be axed I still do not really understand).

    Message incoming.
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    Do you know if there are copies of the "Red Dragon" preserved anywhere? I understand that the publication was issued between D Day and V E Day with an average daily distribution of 1,300.

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    An old topic, but what an amazing collection!
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    Just seen both points, its grown a bit since 2013!
    There are no full collections to my knowledge, I have a copy of the VE Day issue 'Red Flagon' tucked away somewhere, I believe partial collections at IWM (which wasn't accessible for a long time for some reason) and the Royal Welsh Museum at Brecon (I believe in Bolland's Divisional Scrapbooks).
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    Very many thanks
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    I also tried to get Red Dragon issues from the RWF Museum but no joy.
  7. Wapen

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    And while I'm at it, what's the fondness for saucepans about?
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    I believe 4th Welch were originally from Llanelli and the area was famous for its tin plating and saucepans - they had the Sosban Fach folk song too Sosban Fach - Wikipedia - I'm sure Swiper or others can flesh out the story a bit or correct if I'm off the mark.
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    Thanks AB. Always good to have some flavour!
  10. CL1

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    is it the book you are after "The Red Dragon"
    re the saucepan Sosban Fach - Wikipedia
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    a shame to see all the pics are gone and the link no longer works.

    some 53rd welsh div and other welsh mv welsh cloth collection 13 01 21 scan 2f.jpg mv welsh cloth collection 13 01 21 scan 1f sv.jpg mv welsh cloth collection 13 01 21 scan 1f sv.jpg cloth to make up
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