stripey top with yellow sheriff's badge ...or not

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Owen, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Owen

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    This was mentioned to me at work so thought I'd look it up.

  2. Drew5233

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    Being an expert in baby clothes it does have a resemblance to the Holocaust doesn't it? I get the badge but I can't think of many cowboys that wore blue and white striped tops. More like chequered tops with a little waist coat.

    Is that a top to a pair of PJs?
  3. Drew5233

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    I see from the link Zara had a bag with a swastika on it - Not good PR really is it :lol:
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  6. Owen

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    To be honest I thought the top looked more like a Soviet / Russian paratroopers shirt.


    childrens' version .

  7. Staffsyeoman

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    Been after a desantnikii style shirt for years. Do they still sell them?

    And indeed. Had they made the star silver - no issue. Stripes different colour, different direction.
  8. Owen

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    yes click 1st link in my post.
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    Isn't the real message here that some of today's decision makers have absoutely no idea of what these things mean?

    I am trying to envisage the number of stages that this must have gone through from conception to the shelf without anybody saying "Hang on a minute".
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    Mine's always been rusty

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