Stanley Mercer - 1136642 -132 (Glamorgan Yeomanry) Field Regiment

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    Can anyone help me to identify where Gunner Stanley Mercer (1136642) was when he died or what action he was involved in that led to his death on 3rd November 1943? He was the son of Joseph and Ethel Mercer of Eastham and was 20 when he died.,-stanley/
    Any help that anyone can give would be appreciated - I appreciate that I have not been able to give much to go on either but its all I have.
    Hoping you can help
  2. Rob Dickers

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    Hi Stegfish & welcome
    Looks like he was in Italy with 78 Div in Nov 43.

    132 (Welsh) Fd Regt RA TA

    Of 81 Fd Regt
    UK 1939-42 - 38 (Welsh) & 78 Inf Divs
    Tunisia 1942-3 - 78 Inf Div
    Sicily July 1943 - 78 Inf Div
    Italy Sept 1943-4 - 78 Inf Div

    322 (Glamorgan), 321 (Glamorgan) - Sep 39
    321, 322, 496 - Nov 42
    Equipment - 25Pdr's
  3. Tom Canning

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    Stegfish and Rob-
    On November 3rd 1943 - the 78th Division had moved to the banks of the Trigno which is just to the south of the River Sangro and began operations to cross - winter had arrived and it was very messy - now there are two members of this forum who were actually at that battle and can tell you all about it - I refer of course to Ron Goldstein of the 49th AA and Niccar of the Kensingtons-
    They and a good look at the "Battleaxe Division " of Ken Ford can tell you all about that battle !

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