Stalag 344 Liberation: 2660818 Jack KINSEY, Coldstream Guards

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  1. Steven Dendy

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    I am wondering is anyone can help on the liberation of Stalag 344 and give a little more detail on what this (attached) news paper clipping is in relation to? The person in question is Jack Kinsey.

    I am guessing with this mentioning Odessa that it was though he was liberated by the Russians, but could this mean he was part of The March?

    If so is there anyway of me finding this out?

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  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Is this him as there are 2 Kinsey's in Guards Regiments held POW 1x Coldstream, 1x Irish

    Name: J Kinsey
    Rank: Guardsman
    Army Number: 2660818
    Regiment: Coldstream Guards
    POW Number: 221941
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: 344
    Camp Location: Lambinowice, Poland

    From the article it reads that he was not sent to Odessa, so presume he was part of 'The Long March'. I would suggest using the site search facility as there are many threads on the subject with documents and name lists that may contain his name

    The other possible route is to request his POW info from the Red Cross (depending on when he was captured and if the Red Cross visited while he was there) the link to that thread is International Committee of the Red Cross WW2 POW Archives

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  3. Steven Dendy

    Steven Dendy Member

    Hi thanks

    It is Jack Kinsey, Coldstream

    I will have a look
  4. vitellino

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    Hello Steven,

    He doesn't appear in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists of Kinseys so presumably he survived. You could try asking a researcher to see if the National Archives at Kew hold a Liberation Report for him - quicker than waiting for his details from the IRC.

    Document WO 392/21 (National Archives) shows In Italy he was held in PG 82 Laterina. He was sent from there to Lamsdorf in July 1943. I will find the document, which is on website and download it.

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  5. Steven Dendy

    Steven Dendy Member


    I live just outside London so am planning a trip to Kew and noting the numbers I want
  6. vitellino

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    Good. To save time, if you don't have the file number in which his report will be held send me a private message.

    Here's the list of prisoners sent to Lamsdorf from Laterina, July 1943.
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  7. Steven Dendy

    Steven Dendy Member

    fantastic, thanks

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