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    hi, after been disconected for a couple of years, i have started my search for dad`s uncle again.....i have read a lot and learned a few things in the way, i posted a couple of years ago how dad´s uncle was the spaniard that in 1942 prepared the dinner party in fernando poo for postmaster operation, i have since find out that he was sent to america and i have some files from the national archives, the problem is that this files are the copies of some of the correspondence given to his brother when he asked to know for his wellbeing....such a file is HS 9/1641/5 i now believe, that if this file exist, it must certainly be another one related to him with all the information that i am looking for, but the problem i have, is that i do not have any idea on how to look for it.
    i will be trying to go to kew during the easter break.
    will it be to much to ask if anybody who has the list of names in this files could let me know if there is anybody with the names of zorilla, zorrilla or fox, or how i can i find this information?

    thank you so much for any help that i could find in this matter
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    Hello, I am a new user and this is of interest to me as I am trying to establish/confirm my Grandmothers role during the war perhaps with SOE/Bletchley or other?.

    A brief history... 'Trinnette Sofia Taylor' was an RN Senior writer during WW1 and was shown in the role of honour in 1918 (as having died in service) but she actually continued in the civil service and up to the start of WW2 she was working with the civil service in 'Lisbon' and after the war (1947) she was awarded the MBE for her services. My Grandmother lived in London and mixed with minor royals and celebrity's so she had an influential circle of friends.

    We have written and spoken to various government departments and every time all communication abruptly ceased and they would not acknowledge or deny.

    I never new my Grandmother and this is the result of family research.

    I would like to know if you have any record of my Grandmother or can help point me to the records that I need to look at.

    Thank you.
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    There is no surviving SOE Personal File for her - I will look through the Iberian files to see if her names shows up there.

    I would suggest writing to the Foreign Office Historical Branch and ask is she was attached to the Lisbon Embassy or Consulate during WWII
  5. hello,where i can find information upon Bear operation in tunisia ,sir richards Brooks wrote in his book "ecret flottilas" my uncle joseph Petri was member of this commando who was captured by german
    sincerely yours
    jean pierre fournier
  6. my uncle was in bear operation but the commando was captured by germans because Mallory was captured before you can find more in richards brooks books "secrets flottilas "but i am loking for informations upon brandon group can you give the us site thank you
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    My Danish father was trained SOE and was in Operation Postmaster. He was on one of the two tugboat Vulcan or Nuneaton which captured a U boat off Freetown on 11 Jan 1942.He was awarded monies for his service by the British government - I have the letter to prove this dated 1952.
    His name was Børge Franck dob 07 03 1910 Copenhagen.
    Is he on your list of SOE agents please?
    If so can you tell me where these records are kept and if at The National Archives what the reference is.
    My sister and I are currently going through documents letters and photographs as there is more to this story!Too much to write right now but will follow once we have the full story.However I can tell you my parents met at RAF Medmenham where they met during the making of the Dam models for the Dambusters Raid.
    Christianna Franck
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    Hi if you PM me with your email address I will send you a copy of his SOE file

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    Wow will do asap!
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    Need to know how to pm you-really can't seem to be able to find that option!Help!?
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    It might be easier for you to send your email a dress to me?
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    Click on his avatar and a box pops up

    Then click on the start a conversation option and you’ll see a box to write a message...

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    Hi. My father was also with Operation Postmaster in West Africa, so he must have known your father?
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    Hi Christianna.
    I posted a mail here on line to say that my father was on Operation Postmaster. The tugs Nuneaton and Vulcan left Lagos on the 11 of January 1942 to Santa Isabel on the Island of Fernando Po. That is where the raidors took over the ship Duchessa d Aosta. I have not heard of them taking an U boat of Freetown? But they may have done so? Kind regards Mary.
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    Hi All, I am new to this forum so please forgive any blunders. My father WOll L N Northover a New Zealander in WW2, Egypt, Africa, Greece, Italy, with Middle East Special Operations, 62 Middle East Force and S.O.E. 1940-1945. He was alone in Greek mountains for approx 2.5 years before he joined up with British Forces and Major Pat Wingate. I am trying to find any information about his time in Greece and especially any debrief/report he may have done about his time there. He passed away in 1981 and never told us anything about his experiences. Any help will be great, thank you.
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    I picked up your 7 year old post by searching for Irving Bell after finding his name in an MI6 document dated March 45 in a GC&CS file. It stated that he had been captured by German Intelligence on 15th March while working in northern Italy for S.O.E. He had worked at Bletchley Park before the start of the war but his mission had been sanctioned. It was a warning from Valentine Vivian, deputy to head of MI6, to Nigel de Grey at Bletchley Park.

    Do you have any other information on him?


  17. Jedburgh22

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    He has NO surviving SOE P/F - I will check the SOE Casualties lists later

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    Hi there,
    I just found this thread and immediately signed up to the forum. I'm brand spanking new! This is an older thread so I don't know what luck I would have but here we go....

    My name is Chris Murray, I am a PhD student at King's College London and my thesis examines the evolution of British policy concerning support for resistance movements in occupied Yugoslavia
    Chris Murray - Research Portal, King's College, London

    I have just returned home to Canada from an extended stay in London to research at Kew, I was basically living at the TNA for a couple months. I am home now and I was going through my research from the HS collections and started upon some "code names" like D/H2 and that's what brought me here.

    After reading through this thread and the many very knowledgeable people posting here I am hoping you can help. I am looking for anything any of you have in the way of info from the D/H section (Balkans / Yugoslavia), code names and/or preferably P/Fs is what I am really after here. I was stupid and did not spend any time in HS 9 and now I'm hoping I can save myself.

    If interested, I am willing to trade and I have the following from HS photographed in its entirety.

    HS 5/145 ; HS 5/146 ; HS 5/147 ; HS 5/148 ; HS 5/149 ; HS 5/150 ; HS 5/151 ; HS 5/153 ; HS 5/157 ; HS 5/159 ; HS 5/161 ;
    HS 5/162 ; HS 5/163 ; HS 5/868 ; HS 5/870 ; HS 5/872 ; HS 5/874 ; HS 5/875 ; HS 5/878 ; HS 5/879 ; HS 5/880 ; HS 5/881 ;
    HS 5/882 ; HS 5/883 ; HS 5/884 ; HS 5/885 ; HS 5/886 ; HS 5/887 ; HS 5/888 ; HS 5/889 ; HS 5/890 ; HS 5/891 ; HS 5/892 ;
    HS 5/893 ; HS 5/894 ; HS 5/895 ; HS 5/896 ; HS 5/897 ; HS 5/898 ; HS 5/899 ; HS 5/899 ; HS 5/900 ; HS 5/900 ; HS 5/901 ;
    HS 5/901 ; HS 5/902 ; HS 5/903 ; HS 5/904 ; HS 5/905 ; HS 5/906 ; HS 5/907 ; HS 5/908 ; HS 5/909 ; HS 5/910 ; HS 5/911 ;
    HS 5/912 ; HS 5/913 ; HS 5/914 ; HS 5/915 ; HS 5/916 ; HS 5/918 ; HS 5/921 ; HS 5/922 ; HS 5/923 ; HS 5/924 ; HS 5/925 ;
    HS 5/927 ; HS 5/928 ; HS 5/929 ; HS 5/930 ; HS 5/931 ; HS 5/932 ; HS 5/933 ; HS 5/934 ; HS 5/935 ; HS 5/936 ; HS 5/937 ;
    HS 5/938 ; HS 5/939 ; HS 5/940 ; HS 5/941 ; HS 5/942 ; HS 5/943 ; HS 5/944 ; HS 5/945 ; HS 5/946 ; HS 5/947 ; HS 5/948 ;
    HS 5/949 ; HS 5/951 ; HS 5/952 ; HS 5/955 ; HS 5/956 ; HS 5/958 ; HS 5/959 ; HS 5/960 ; HS 5/961 ; HS 5/962 ; HS 5/963 ;
    HS 5/964 ; HS 5/965 ; HS 5/966 ; HS 5/967 ; HS 5/968 ; HS 5/969
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    Welcome Chris from another Canadian named Chris! :)
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    I have a couple of HS9 files, SOE personnel-Randolph Churchill and Evelyn Waugh. I photographed them a while back for another contact in the USA. Also some files realting to R. Churchill's dealings in Croatia. I am at work right now, but will list the files when I get back home this afternoon.

    Let me know.

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